Roman Catholic Church

Himself a survivor of church-based sexual misconduct, the Rev. Morgan Guyton asserts that the closed-in hierarchical system of the Roman Catholic Church needs to be radically changed to protect children from abuse. Read more


By "meddling in people's private lives," the Roman Catholic Church in Quebec, Canada has been rejected by its former members in a cautionary tale for churches everywhere, writes the Rev. Dr. Christy Thomas. Read more

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Arch Street United Methodist Church in Philadelphia showed brotherly love for a Catholic group devoted to LGBT inclusion when the group was refused entry to a Catholic event visited by Pope Francis. Read more

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Fred Phelps

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Organized religion that incites people to hatred, rather than inspiring them to true holiness of love, would be a good thing to give up for Lent, writes the Rev. William E. Alberts. Read more


Assumption of the Virgin Mary

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Scholar Joel Watts finds lessons for the UMC in other denominations' struggle with the tensions of internal rebellion over doctrine. Read more