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Reconciling Ministries Network, an unofficial United Methodist caucus of LGBTQ people and their allies, contends that firing local pastor Anna Golladay for peforming a same-gender wedding has harmed the churches she served. more

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An anti-religious-bigotry leader argues that a case now before the U.S. Supreme Court of a baker refusing service to a gay couple threatens the bedrock tenets of the First Amendment to treat people of varied beliefs equally. more


Australia Marriage Debate

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The overwhelming voters' support of same-sex marriage in Australia exposes another failing of the patriarchal Christian sexual ethic, writes the Rev. Morgan Guyton. more

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First UMC Austin

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Members of First UMC in Austin, Texas, voted overwhelmingly not to hold any weddings until the denominations rescinds its ban against same-sex weddings. more

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The real dangers from the Judicial Council's rulings on LGBT issues isn't what appears on the surface, but something that sets a threatening precedent, writes the Rev. Thomas Griffith. more

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Bishop-elect Karen Oliveto

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Methodism has a history of addressing "unlawful marriages" among clergy through the church's legal process, as it will in April considering the election of Bishop Karen Oliveto, writes Dr. Darryl W. Stephens. more

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Black Lives Matter

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United Methodist communicators around the world chose the ongoing struggle against racism as the top news story for 2015. more

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U.S. Supreme Court

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The U.S. Supreme Court's 5 to 4 ruling that legalized marriage for gay and lesbian couples topped 26 major stories including growing anti-Muslim sentiments, terrorist attacks and mass shootings. more

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The Rev. Michael Tupper expects to face a church trial for officiating at the same-sex wedding of a former United Methodist pastor and his partner after refusing a just resolution negotiated with his bishop. more

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Jesus Facepalm

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Meeting someone isn't the same as endorsing their actions, writes the Rev. Morgan Guyton about the uproar over Pope Francis meeting Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who refuses to give marriage licenses to gay couples. more

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United Methodists who responded to Insight's straw poll think bishops should suspend penalties for violating UMC policies on same-sex marriage now that marriage equality is the law of the land. more


U.S. Supreme Court

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United Methodists are weighing in on how the June 26 U.S. Supreme Court decision that rules marriage to be a civil right for LGBT people will affect discussion of the UMC's anti-gay doctrines at the 2016 General Conference more

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Watching demonstrations April 28 as the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments on same-gender marriage, Chett Pritchett of the Methodist Federation for Social Action ponders the interwoven nature of human injustice. more


His own painful experience with the misuse of "religious freedom" spurs the Rev. Dr. William E. Alberts to warn vigorously against similar legislation being proposed and adopted in various states. more


The question of a biblical definition of marriage causes the Rev. Richard Bryant to list marital options found in scripture. more

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LGBTQ Acceptance

Pew Research Center Chart

The Pew Research Center recently compiled a chart of current standings among American Christian churches on their acceptance or rejection of same-gender marriage. more

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The Rev. Jeremy Smith contrasts the recent decision of the Presbyterian Church USA to redefine marriage as a union of two people with the UMC's anti-LGBT stances. more

The Rev. Dr. John D. Copenhaver explains his spiritual and theological motivations for conducting a same-sex marriage prior to beginning a three-month suspension from ministry for violating the Book of Discipline. more

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Bullshit Meter

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The Rev. Drew B. McIntyre takes strong objection to recent administrative decisions regarding clergy who have performed same-sex marriages more

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Reactions to the just resolution of a complaint against Bishop Mel Talbert for officiating at a same-gender wedding prompt the Rev. Jeremy Smith to suggest a way off the roller-coaster battle over LGBT acceptance. more

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