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Some very good things that can come out of a more institutionally complex and more expensive model of church, starting with mission and education, writes Dr. David W. Scott. more

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Small Groups Way Forward

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The United Methodist Church is wasting money and people power much needed elsewhere on the far-flung meetings of the Commission on A Way Forward, says the Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant more

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Yellowstone Conference

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Yellowstone Conference, which includes Wyoming and Montana, is suffering from lack of resources caused by "aging churches and aging members," not solely from objections to the region's openly lesbian bishop, say church officials. more

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Collection plate

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An gone-viral article about the dire financial straits of most middle-class Americans prompts the Rev. Christy Thomas to suggest ways for the church to respond. more

Finance and Administration

The cases of three African bishops' handling of church money leads David W. Scott to compare money management disputes with disobedience around United Methodist stances on homosexuality. more

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Two United Methodist bishops in Africa are facing sanctions by the denomination's financial agency for irregularities in their handling of church funds. more

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Cost of Church Trials

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The Rev. Jerry Eckert, a volunteer with Associates in Advocacy, adds up the many expenses involved with a church trial under the United Methodist judicial system. more

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Piggy Bank

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Budgeting as an Act of Social Justice

It's stewardship season in many congregations, and the Rev. Morgan Guyton is looking at how the church raises and spends money as a spiritual exercise in social justice. more

Nov 11, 2013 12:54 PM Morgan Guyton

Budget battle

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Todd Lovell takes a look at how the online funding site, Kickstarter, might inspire new ways of giving in churches. more

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Contrary to popular belief, only 2 cents of every dollar given to The United Methodist Church goes to fund ministries beyond local congregations, while 90 cents of that dollar remains with the local church. more

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The General Council on Finance and Administration proposes a four-year budget with significant cutbacks for The United Methodist Church. more

GC Archive

More annual conferences (regional units) of The United Methodist Church paid their full shares of funding for worldwide ministries in 2011. more

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The General Council on Finance and Administration has released the 2010 statistical report for The United Methodist Church. more

GC Archive


A 6 percent cut in its 2013-2016 churchwide budget is proposed for The United Methodist Church more

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