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A certified candidate for ministry from Upper New York Conference outlines why he thinks the One Church Plan would keep him/her from being ordained. more

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The Rev. Bryan Bucher advocates having a frank talk with WCA member-pastors in order to determine whether they intend to take their congregation out of the UMC. more

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The Rev. Ed Womack contends there's no need to create a "gracious exit" as the Wesleyan Covenant Association argues because there's already such a provision – churches just can't take their property with them. more

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Suffering from a bout of travel sickness, the Rev. Dr. Christy Thomas recognizes that the UMC faces a painful choice about its future: adapt, or die. more

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Prodigal Homecoming

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What if the Church could be a safe place for honesty about our shortcomings and vulnerability to admit mistakes and seek reconciliation? asks Dr. David W. Scott. more


Stances on the church unity proposals coming to the special 2019 General Conference are firming up, and little agreement is seen. more

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The Rev. Tom Berlin, who submitted the One Church Plan legislation to General Conference, discusses various questions he’s been hearing about the plan and the commission’s process. more

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Centrist and progressive United Methodists need to plan, as the Wesleyan Covenant Association has, for the possibility of The United Methodist Church breaking up, writes the Rev. Bryan Bucher. more

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The Rev. Jeremy Smith predicts that the UMC, like the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints did in 2018, will have to break up with the Boy Scouts of America if the punitive Traditional Plan is adopted by the 2019 General Conference. more

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Vice president of Good News and a member of the Wesleyan Covenant Association leadership council, Lambrecht gives his perspectives into the Traditional Plan and Modified Traditional Plans. more

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Of all the Way Forward comparisons floating around the Internet, Reconciling Ministries Network recommends one created by Way Forward commission member Dave Nuckols. more

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The Northern Illinois Conference has combined several recent announcements into a list of resources to inform United Methodists about the 2019 General Conference. more

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The Rev. Paul Purdue says that the differences among the various gospel accounts should be a sign that it's possible for faithful disciples to come to varied interpretations of scripture. more

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The Rev. Melissa Maher remains hopeful for The United Methodist Church's future because of God's surprising, challenging and awe-inspiring grace. more

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Recounting his family's strong devotion to the Methodist tradition, Bishop Julius C. Trimble reminds United Methodists that the bonds of baptism are stronger than mere membership. more

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Dr. Barry Bryant will present a live lecture on the history of The United Methodist Church on Human Sexuality that will be streamed over the Internet. more

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For the Rev. James C. Howell, a self-confessed "Bible guy," scripture gives clear evidence that Jesus Christ's intention is for all to be welcomed in the Church, including LGBTQ+ people. more

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The Rev. Dr. Steve Harper advocates for "much-needed nonviolent resistance to the increase of evil in our nation and elsewhere in the world." more

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It took 400 years for the Catholic Church to acknowledge its error in excommunicating the scientist Galileo. Bishop William B. Lewis wonders how long it will take for today's church to acknowledge the science around human sexuality. more

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When theological obscurantism occurs, you can be sure that something else is going on behind the foggy thinking, writes the Rev. Dr. Steve Harper. more

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