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Some U.S. annual conferences have endorsed the One Church Plan for United Methodist unity, while others have refused to take up formal consideration of the model. more

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The Rev. Morgan Guyton accepts a challenge from his "favorite conservative" Carolyn Moore to discuss The United Methodist Church's future in ways that are biblical, christological, global, systemic and eschatological. more

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In the coming denominational action on United Methodist unity, the Rev. Dr. Frederick W. Schmidt sees "a lengthy, torturous future for our Methodist siblings," but even more "the slow, torturous death of the Protestant Reformation." more

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An ad hoc group had hoped to elect an entire delegation of LGBTQ clergy and laity, but the composition of the New York delegation fulfills the goal of a 2017 conference resolution to elect more LGBTQ delegates. more

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Members of the New York Annual Conference will vote June 9 on delegates to the special 2019 General Conference on United Methodist unity. more

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A mandatory conference meeting on disaster preparedness puts the Rev. Richard Lowell Bryan to wondering whether The United Methodist Church is really ready for the prospect of breaking apart. more

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Petitions can be sent for the 2019 General Conference starting June 6. Detailed instructions on the form and process can be found online. more

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The Rev. Jason Valendy believes that the One Church Model for UMC unity proposed by the Council of Bishops will help the denomination keep its historic understanding as both holy and catholic (universal). more

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The bishop's action in the Baltimore-Washington Conference clergy session has cut deeply into historic Wesleyan accountability by one's ministry peers, writes the Rev. Jeremy Smith. more

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Two Deaths: One, the Rev. Dr. Christy Thomas' brother-in-law, gentle, surrounded by love; the other, The United Methodist Church, rapaciously violent, with blood running in the streets. more


United Methodist writer Mary Jacobs provides an overview of the state of The United Methodist Church's current turmoil. more

Starbucks has some things to teach us about inclusivity, but ultimately, like her plants, the Rev. Dr. Christy Thomas thinks The United Methodist Church must split to regain health and vitality. more

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The Rev. Bryan Bucher, a leader in the United Methodist Centrist Movement, does the "Methodist math" on the likely outcome of the 2019 General Conference. more

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United Methodists are now trying to determine how best to submit legislation pertaining to the Way Forward report to the 2019 General Conference. more

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Layman Pete Fleming was drawn to The United Methodist Church because of its history, theology, and practices, and now he fears it will be destroyed by right-wing political forces. more

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As it struggles on through its inner turmoil over human sexuality, the Rev. Rich Peck finds The United Methodist Church is guilty of sins of omission and commission in regard to the rest of its call to ministry as followers of Jesus Christ. more

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In what is widely seen as a blow to the Commission on A Way Forward process, the Judicial Council rejects the Council of Bishops' argument that the 2019 General Conference is limited to hearing only its Way Forward proposal. more

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Can a book "just chock full of a lot of the very principles that Scripture teaches about the value of people" help prepare delegates for the special 2019 General Conference on United Methodist unity? more

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Members of the Judicial Council heard from two bishops, two young adults, and four other clergy and laity during a two-hour open hearing May 22. more

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Sometimes, Cynthia B. Astle's Southern heritage just wins out when it comes to considering events in religion news. more

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