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The Rev. Alka Lyall of Broadway UMC, a Chicago congregation that has been a pioneer in LGBTQ+ inclusion, tells why she supports The Simple Plan as a better alternative than the Way Forward models. more

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The Rev. Dr. Mark Davies pulls no punches as he confronts the tyranny of "tradition" in the church that marginalizes women, people of color, indigenous groups, LGBTQ+ people and more. more

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Retired Bishop Michael J. Coyner reminds us that, for all our anxiety over the outcome of the 2019 General Conference, it's typical of such conclaves that delegates end up doing nothing. more

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The Rev. Lloyd T. Nyarota, a United Methodist elder from Zimbabwe, urges all 2019 General Conference delegates to gather information about the Way Forward proposals without U.S. influence. more

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Jesus expects that his disciples will feed the hungry and thirsty, welcome strangers, clothe the naked, and visit the ill and imprisoned, not debate endlessly about what happens in people's bedrooms, writes Dr. Martha E. Banks. more

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The Rev. Kalaba Sander-Chali calls out the Africa Initiative as a contemporary example of neo-colonialism. more

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Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey of Louisiana kicks off a series of educational videos regarding the Way Forward plans coming to the 2019 special General Conference. more

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Nearly 30 briefs, totaling more than 400 pages, confront the Judicial Council as it prepares to consider the constitutionality of three plans for dealing with The United Methodist Church’s schism-threatening division over homosexuality. more


Rev. Scott Gilliland, associate pastor of Lovers Lane United Methodist Church, reflects on the comments of a millennial who spoke at the Uniting Methodists' Conference in July. more

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South Georgia clergy and laity call on United Methodists not to abandon the denomination and all is good works in the midst of discord over the acceptance of LGBTQ people. more

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After a 50-year career in ordained ministry, the Rev. Billy Cox is convinced that the threat of dividing The United Methodist Church over the acceptance of LGBTQ people is foolish. more

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Discipleship Ministries offers the guidelines of its Courageous Conversations series as a way for United Methodist congregations to talk about the unity proposals from the Commission on A Way Forward. more

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Participants in the "Listening with Open Hearts" gathering touched on multiple issues of justice affecting their contexts for ministry in the worldwide United Methodist Church. more

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A new book authored by leaders of United Methodist traditionalist caucuses draws criticism from the Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant. more

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Proponents of the Simple Plan say that the three Way Forward models are all deficient in some wat by promoting some form of ongoing discrimination against LGBTQ people. more

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Petitions other than those from the Commission on A Way Forward will face a tough vetting process to get consideration at the special 2019 General Conference. more

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Compliance is not what the love of God is about. The Love of God is all about conversion. That is what disciple making is about – converting hearts to return to God in Christ, which is what the Rev. Jason Valendy thinks the One Church Plan will do. more

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African layman Albert Otshudi Longe gives his perspective on United Methodist unity proposals pending for the 2019 General Conference. more

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Uniting Methodists movement issues a set of comparison charts to help people understand the aspects of the One Church Plan. more

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The Rev. Lisa Beth White has no fear for the future despite whatever happens with The United Methodist Church, because she has faith in the work of the Holy Spirit to call people into partnership with God in mission. more

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