Yellowstone Annual Conference

On advice of its consultants to realign resources, the Yellowstone Annual Conference will close its Billings, Mont., office on June 30. more

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Yellowstone Conference reports that the dire needs of the Blackfeet United Methodist Parish, stricken by a harsh winter, have been filled through the generosity of church people. more

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Winter has taken a harsh toll on communities in northwestern Montana, and the Yellowstone Annual Conference has stepped up to help. more

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After struggling with a decline in giving, the contributions of United Methodists near and far have put the Yellowstone Annual Conference back on a solid financial footing. more

Finance and Administration

A Facebook event will update United Methodists in Wyoming and Montana on conference finances. more

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God Rocks

Photo Courtesy of Robin Riley

A teen fad of painting rocks gave a Wyoming pastor and his church an idea for sharing God in their community. more

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Montana Burning Video

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The devastation wrought by wildfires in the western United States over the past few years – along with United Methodists' efforts to cope with the effects – pose a long-term disaster recovery challenge for the region as great as hurricanes elsewhere. more

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Yellowstone Conference

Photo by the Rev. Travis K. Walker, courtesy of the Yellowstone Conference.

Yellowstone Conference, which includes Wyoming and Montana, is suffering from lack of resources caused by "aging churches and aging members," not solely from objections to the region's openly lesbian bishop, say church officials. more

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