Why Millennials Are Really Leaving Religion (It’s Not Just Politics, Folks)



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Like, why not a "God Ap" for their smarty-pants phone? Like, get hooked up without personal contact!

My offering here does not refer to the majority of millennials who are assimilating into and adding to our growing economy. Nor does it cover those who bravely protect us by service in the military, or as police and other first responders. To them, my salute and thanks!
However, reports say over 40% of Millennials still live with mommy and daddy, are “phubbing” through life (texting while talking) and I am “Hundo P” (100% sure) that they even take “JOMO” (Joy of Missing Out) attending church. So, I suggest "GodAp" for both Android and Apple to reach them. Just hook up with an unknown and unseen “God Person” to text with. Personal contacts and inter-actions are unwelcome in these lives, so the distance might be the way to reach them. Also…
• Stream sermons to smart-phones. Lay the words between some rock and rap music.
• Sample sermon (it is short, has to be!): “Like, Jesus really loves you, and like, he just thinks love is where it’s at. Like, do what you do, or whatever, but, like, remember to love everybody in every way you can. The UMC loves everybody, like, all the time and whatever. UMC, like welcomes all people of all religions, whatever, and if you just get together and, like, feel love, then you are us and we are you – hey, that’s, like intense, right? Anyway, vegans or pagans, or like any letter of the alphabet you use to represent you. Whatever. So, come hang with us, we are open doors and really open minds all day on Sundays, but we don’t do specific times.”
• Don’t ask for financial support as that would make many millennials uncomfortable. Making money is not important so they don’t have any. They majored in art, anthropology, sociology and similar, so the few who work don’t always get to be waiters in the nice places where people give tips.
• Big point: “Sunday school” is, like, tuition free – with no books and like no tests! Cool!
• Don’t ask for volunteer efforts, except maybe to show up for a global warming conference or a occupy Wall Street thing, whatever. About half of Millennials have tight schedules: Up by noon, lunch, email, texting, talking on phone through the afternoon, eat something, whatever, but not meat, change tee-shirt, then head out for some “music”. It does not leave much time…
I saw a post about millennials that really summed it up: There was a picture of a millennial who was claiming, “We are going to start a revolution!” And the aging boomer responded, “Your generation couldn’t start a lawnmower.”

Reese 322 days ago

And your attitude reflects...

Some of the reasons why millenials are not joining churches. Why be where you are belittled?

Nancy 65 days ago