Bishops Urge Trust in GC2019 Delegates



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I agree with Reese and Kevin

The most unlistened to voice in all this is the person in the pew. As a pew person who literally grew up in the Methodist/United Methodist Church, I am beyond frustrated and angry with this mess--I am full out disappointed and disillusioned. But I am not ready to pull the trigger on the UMC, yet. When it comes to GC2019, the only thing I am praying for is that the delegates have the sense to not vote for the OCP or some quasi connectional plan; both would make a lie out of our claim to a Wesleyan heritage. As for the Bishops, how are we supposed to now believe that all of a sudden they are impartial and do not each have their own version of where this needs to head. And what is wrong with this picture: for 40+ years General Conference has been speaking loudly, clearly and consistently about sexuality and yet the argument rages on. But hey, one more 3 day General Conference is going to "fix this" once and for all.

My concern is for the local church. As has been pointed out, the denomination is truly dealing with a complex and wicked problem that has been decades in the making; And I know from personal experience that it gets even more wicked when it hits the pew because everybody has their own unique reason for being there. Anything that forces a decision at the local level is going to be disastrous and devastating to all concerned. The real losers in this battle will ultimately be the local church and the person in the pew.

betsy more than 1 year ago

Too bad that the delegates won't be fully informed!

The bishops ruling UMC have not done or published a detailed "market research" wherein delegates would get a feel for how the church as a whole, and in its individual conferences and geographic areas of strength, feel about the way forward. Delegates might have a feel for what their constituents think and will represent that, but little clue on how that fits with the complicated and divided church. Without that background, delegates will not have a feel for what consequences their actions will bring. Isn't that by design? Didn't these same bishops send the way forward globe-trotters around the earth just to meet in PRIVATE, CLOSED meetings? They don't care what the people think and they will guide a convention with little thought as to outcomes, problems or real costs of their actions. Who will understand where each alternative will really lead and what it will cost in both pew and plate? Almost nobody. I trust the delegates to be frustrated, confused and defeated - no matter what wins.

Reese more than 1 year ago

This is not allowed in a Parli Body

You can't "game the system" in a parli body. The work must be done in a legislative process. The good news is the members receive their information prior to the meeting for review. It is up to each member to read and understand that legislation prior to committee work or voting. This should not be daunting as this discussion has been ongoing for several years now. Plus the body has the benefit of a legal decision from Judicial to focus their attention. This isn't a business decision so much as a legislative decision.

Eric more than 1 year ago

Au Contraire! This decision will impact "business". but what is "parli body"?

I googled "Parli Body" and all I got was so many pictures of India and Indian people that I wanted to order Rogan Josh and a basket of na'an! What is Parli Body? I'm talking about delegates going to a short convention to make some big decisions about the future of the UMC, not knowing how the general membership divides up on the issues and what consequences their decisions will have. Because the decisions will so dramatically impact the number of people in the pews and paper in the plates, you bet these are "business" decisions and whoever is left can figure out what is legal...

Reese more than 1 year ago


After doing everything they could to keep the Traditionalist plan off the docket they want to build trust. They could start by releasing the results of their votes by name when it came to endorsing a plan. And maybe the unlawfully consecrated bishop ought to be left out of the picture. That might be a good start to build trust.

Kevin more than 1 year ago