Roles in a Discipleship System and the (Dys)Functionality of the Methodist Connection



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Gosden is spot on when he issued this call: "After all, the call to discipleship is not one meant to make good church members — it’s a call to go into the world as new and different people."

Disciples are FOR engagement in the transforming process. It is not just a mission to get people to sit in the pews of our churches. It is a call to go into the world.and get involved in shaping society according to the principles of justice and liberation.

Vital congregations emerge when they are engaged in the changes of human lives including in changes in the local community around us. The world is on the path of transformation when the local situations are evolving and changing to be more humane.

In a globalized community we have to work with one another across the frontiers and barriers that have kept us apart. We cannot remain in isolation as a United Methodist, American, African, Asian religious community. We have to reach out to labor with others in the transformation of the only one world in which we all live in.and fulfill our common destiny with peace and harmony.

Yap Kim Hao more than 9 years ago