A Call to Compliance



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I have said on many occasions that the strength of the Methodist movement depends on the large number of advocates for the John Wesley social justice concept. The restructure plan severly reduces the number of knowledgeable leaders in that field. Those of us who have had the privilege of serving the church at the denominational level know that our experiences have enabled us to be better sources of information in our more local situations. The proposed restructure leans heavily toward a transition to a heavily hierarchical concept rather than the historic democracy concept that John Wesley envisioned and that has been the major reason for the strength of Methodism since in beginning. Not only will the restructure plan have that effect, it will also tend to decrease the financial health fo the church because of a reluctance of individuals to support a program whose operation is not fully understood because of the lack of available and knowledgeable proponents serving in their communities. I pray that the GC delegates will understand that and have the courage to stand up in objection to the new idea. To be sure, change should always be envisioned but it needs to be viewed very carefully. As it now stands, there should be serious support for the concept of "if it ain't broke, don't break it".

Phil Susag more than 9 years ago