Why I Cannot Applaud Bishop Talbert



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You realize, of course...

most acts of sodomy are committed by heterosexuals.

Marriages and other physical relationships are more than the sex acts done therein. Many marriages contain none at all.

To reduce others to the sum of their sexual acts is both naive and unChristian.

George Nixon Shuler more than 8 years ago


John, thank you for your honesty and directness. I disagree with you and consider your viewpoint the very heart of homophobia. I do not say this to be rude or adversarial, but I think your thinking is actually the same as those who could not image people of different races having sex together. They just could not see how a black body and white body were meant to fit together. I am older than you. I knew many of those people.
I think it only helps us when we get our honest thinking out there. So, in spite of my disagreement, I honestly thank you for your directness.

Dean Snyder more than 8 years ago