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Response to Richard Swanson

My heart is with your heart, brother. The guilt and shame, and the tremedous loss to the UMC and beyond is enormous. A PFLAG dad and retired UMC clergy person.

Ted McKnight more than 10 years ago

Homosexuality clause

It is a disgrace that the "incompatible with Christian teachings " clause is still on the books.

John R Huff Jr more than 10 years ago

40 years

I was 15 and still struggling with my sexuality in 1972, when the General Conference first declared homosexuality to be incompatible with Christian teaching. I was a 25-year-old seminarian at Candler in 1982, when it was made clear to me that, although I believed God had called me to the United Methodist ministry, there would be no answering call from my church. (Also that year was the last time my UM parents, who are now around 80 years old, ever spoke to me.) In 2012 I am 55, a veteran of the wilderness, and wondering indeed what might have been, had the Church not shut its doors on my vocation. "Deeply painful" does not begin to describe the spiritual, and sometimes physical violence continually directed toward God's own--and YOUR own--children. I know that even today, some number of bright and beautiful youth are experiencing the same pain. This has gone on long enough; perhaps the actions of the church 40 or even 20 years ago might be forgiven, but knowing what we all know, seeing what we all have seen, and yet continuing to proclaim and to reinforce this deeply blasphemous and destructive policy is a scandal to the Gospel. Shame. Now I have tiptoed back into a lovely local church, where I am welcome, in an annual conference where I am welcome, but I can never be a full member anywhere in the connection unless I am welcome everywhere. I pray as always that this hateful exclusion might finally yield to the patient call of Christ. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Richard Swanson more than 10 years ago