What Is a Heretic and What Is Orthodoy?



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Good Explanation of Terms

However, not mentioned was the manner in which the Religious Right misues them. When they accuse other UMCers of "heresy" and/or "unorthodixy" what they mean by these therms is "they disagree with our political positions." This is not unexpected, as they do the exact same thing with the term "Christian[s]" as when they bear false witness by claiming others "attack them as Christians." When you play in the yard with the big dogs, you get attacked, as they do. It has nothing to do with one's particular religious affiliation. When political factions act disingenuously, they will be {verbally} attacked for it. Claiming some sort of exemption from good behavior due to one's religious affiliation will always fall upon hearing-impaired ears.

George Nixon Shuler more than 7 years ago