Wild Goose Festival: How Can Christians Transcend Celebrity Culture?



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I'm sorry this was your experience

It's a pity this was your takeaway. My wife and I have attended all three of these events and we've formed strong personal connections with many people we've met there. One of the things we especially enjoy about the Goose is the intimacy--the exact opposite of your experience. In addition to forming lasting friendships with folks who would not be considered "celebrities," I've had numerous one-on-one conversations with authors and musicians who are normally off-limits at events like this.

This year we wore the orange wrist band too, because we were presenters (and decidely not celebrities of any sort). All it meant was that we were admitted to the tent where we got a compted meal on the day of our talk. If there was any other status attached to it, it didn't work for us.

We had a lot of great conversations with our camping neighbors and were able to soak in plenty of wisdom and good music from people with orange wristbands. Among them were a group of musicans who performed on the mainstage, but who have no recording contract and would be completly unknown to 99.99% of Christians. We learned that they needed a place to stay for a week to finish writing some music as their plans for another place had just fallen through. So we offered them an unoccupied farmhouse on our farm and they were delighted to accept. That's the sort of community we've experienced at Wild Goose.

Anyway, I don't doubt your experience, but I do find it unfortunate since ours has been completely opposite.

Hopefully you'll come back next year and feel a sense of community there.

Bill more than 8 years ago