Economic Inequality and Societies

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Wealth distribution

I know Solomon was the riches man in the world in his day and God approved.
I know David was a rich leader.
I know the bible has over 250 verses related to money. How to handle money, the responsibility associated with money, the loss and squandering of money.
I also know your "redistribution of wealth model" does not look anything like the Biblical account or the one scripture suggests.

Should the church do more...yes.
They could use some of that pacts money (power money) to feed some hungry people. Instead of doing what they should be doing and that is go to the poorest of countries and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ that will lead to a better life instead of sitting in their cushy offices and expecting the rest of the world to pay and do what they themselves refuse to do.

If your concern is with the abuse of women in middle-eastern countries..get over there and do something.
If your concern is immigrants at the border..get down there and build some churches, build some schools, build some homes.
The lust of some for power and control within the UMC in particular is the greatest sin of all.

d more than 9 years ago