Raising Down Leaders



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Powerful people making decisions

While I generally agree that the political system is structured in such a way as to give more power and authority to the rich, who contribute significantly to politicians and expect to get their money's worth, they get their way more by framing questions in such a way as to make those so-called evangelical and charismatic Christians seem to think that they're voting in their own self interest. So my Congressman is in town this weekend, railing against the Death Tax, something which may affect fewer than 1% of voters in this district, but the way he talked about it makes it look like we all suffer from a really odious tax. We don't, of course. Yet he'll go back to DC and vote to end the tax because he's convinced his constituents it's the right thing to do. If they've fallen into a trap, it's one of their own making because they've convinced themselves he's got their best interests at heart. Evangelicals and charismatics are no different from anyone else who fails to inform him/herself of the issues and who doesn't see past the self-interests of the politicians. A godly system would have no self-interest.

Gene Bruce more than 6 years ago