Bishop Karen Oliveto: The United Methodist Church Will Emerge as United and Uniting



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True Dichotomy: Our poster clergy for the split forecasting unity?

Why is Bishop Oliveto a bishop? Because the powers who run the UMC wanted to bring the homosexual issue to critical mass. Oliveto, a lesbian San Francisco pastor, was the perfect catalyst. Having many homosexual pastors spread around the UMC just wasn't getting the job done and this agonizing debate could drag on another 50 years, so appoint a bishop in a clear, high-visibility violation of the BoD, then have Judicial continue her appointment despite complaints! That should set the final resolution in motion! The plan appears to be working splendidly..
However, maybe Bishop Oliveto didn't get the memo. Maybe she really thinks that she will be remembered as the great unifier? Maybe she does not read the um-insight blog which so clearly dramatizes the growing schism; almost every UMC employee, clergy, bishop poster is seeking a "way forward" through "unity". Almost every progressive member and almost every traditional member do not want unity. In other words, it appears that those with a financial interest want unity. Most of the rest of us want a church that reflects our values without compromise. The schism among UMC members is deep and wide and growing. That’s the score I take from the range of free expressions at um-insight.
So, I will admit that Bishop Oliveto is certainly serving a purpose for the UMC, but I think it is more to drop the word “United” than she opines.

Reese more than 2 years ago


The unlawfully consecrated Ms. Oliveto is talking about unity. This is priceless.

Kevin more than 2 years ago

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Vice President Kamala Harris“We just have to speak truth no matter how painful it is to speak or hear. And the truth remains that racism is real in America. Sexism, homophobia, transphobia, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia — these things are all real in our country. To speak it doesn’t mean that it is about a wholesale attack on the country. But it certainly is about saying, ‘Look, let’s also not approach this with a sense of naivete or denial.’”

–Vice President Kamala Harris, interviewed by Jonathan Capehart in the Washington Post.

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