Cooperation without Compromise in a Conflicted Church



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Well stated!

Thank you and amen!

American UMC leadership is all about inclusiveness. However, there is a chunk of the American UMC that believes inclusiveness is bound by theological boundaries. And the theological boundaries is not to keep people out or to demean those who disagree with them, but to protect the integrity of the message. Currently The American United Methodist Church does not have any message that it speaks with clarity, consistency, and yes, integrity while respecting the rights of those who believe differently. As a lifelong Methodist/United Methodist whose life left me no choice but to embrace the Methodist/United Methodist Church, after discovering the theological brouhaha that is running amuck in the church, I am no longer surprised that people are no longer choosing to become United Methodists. My own longtime connection to the UMC is currently extremely tenuous and there is no guarantee that I will stay United Methodist because I think there is a bigger battle to be fought than helping a denomination that has become mired down in theological plurality to survive when there are absolutely no beliefs held in common beyond there is a God, there is a Jesus and we possess a Wesleyan heritage. I spent 4 long and disheartening years cruising the internet listening to every voice I could find within the UMC. I was stunned at how everybody could use the Bible, God and John Wesley to justify beliefs that completely contradict each other. I also spent enough time with the writings of John Wesley to know that, the church is working from an incomplete and fragmented understanding of who John Wesley was and what he really did. We are no longer united in belief. The fact that theological plurality has been allowed to run amuck does not reflect a Wesleyan/Methodist understanding of the church. So if you take away United and you take away Methodist, the only thing that is left of the name is church with absolutely no descriptors which is exactly what the UMC has become--a generic church with no idea of who it is and what it believes.

betsy 224 days ago

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    "Christ told us specifically where He would be found and where we were to worship Him as Christians until He came in glory: Christ is in the people who need our help. Christ is in hungry and thirsty people; in people without adequate clothing and shelter; in people who are strangers in a strange land and people who are imprisoned. Any so-called Christianity that ignores or, God forbid, abuses such people is pernicious heresy from the pit of hell. You spit on the Body of Christ in the Chalice when you abuse Him in the body of your neighbor."

    – Mary Pezzulo, "How to Help Imprisoned Migrants," on her blog "Steel Magnificat" on


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