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Absolutely Not

GC19 delegates should be focused on reaching as many people as possible to spread the Good Word of Christ’s sacrifice for our salvation. We should not ever be discussing global warming, homosexual marriage, gun contro, or any other social justice issue. Methodists need to dump any and all discussions of social justice issue and get back to the basics of what Christianity is all about. Social justice issues are secular issues which have no place within the Church. Those discussions should find a different forum to voice their progressive dribble.

Steve 237 days ago

OAC Response

The White House spokesperson said much the same thing. One of the newest House rep said the following:

Ocasio-Cortez promptly fired back on Twitter with three Bible verses that spell out how God would actually want us to deal with climate change and the planet:

Genesis 1: God looked on the world & called it good not once, not twice, but seven times.

Genesis 2: God commands all people to “serve and protect” creation.

Leviticus: God mandates that not only the people, but the land that sustains them, shall be respected.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez then added “You shouldn’t need a Bible to tell you to protect our planet, but it does anyway.”

Jerry Eckert 236 days ago

Who doesn't care about the environment?

Jerry, everyone agrees that common-sense environmental protections are a good thing. I challenge you to find any group that believes otherwise. However, climate change hysteria and "saving the planet" has now become the defacto religion of both the non-religious and those who define their Christian faith primarily as a means to enact a social agenda. Those who do not adhere to your agenda and views are not swept up in the hysteria and do not support the radical changes you are promoting. Choosing to quote OAC is both silly and counter-productive for your agenda.

Paul W. 235 days ago

Thank you Paul

For putting it in perspective. Caring for the environment does not equal believing in global warming. Global warming is still an unproven theory at best; certainly not a truth we should be clinging to nor giving much attention to.Like most items on the social justice agenda, they aren’t worth wasting our breath on, and certainly not anything which the UMC should ever be discussing.

Steve 233 days ago

Notable Quotes   

     “It is very important that we use preferred pronouns. It makes people feel welcomed … and it is the right thing to do. Growing up and figuring out who you are is hard enough without bullies.”

     – Fifth grader Liam Oliver, son of the Rev. Andy Oliver of Allendale UMC in St. Petersburg, Fla., speaking to the Pasco County School District about its teacher guidelines for interacting with LGBTQ students. Quoted in the Tampa Bay Times.


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