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Loose Assessment

The Traditional Plan most certainly is traditional. Holding people to the Methodist way of living is not new. John Wesley was quick to see that heretical ideas did not take root. Ezekiel 3:18-19 tells us we are to warn wicked people about their evil in order to save their life. If we don't, we will be held responsible by God. We need the Traditional Plan and all it's benefits to pull us out of the fire.

Skipper more than 2 years ago

Hearts Not Broken

During recent decades a small number of UMC Bishops have publicly stated heretical and even blasphemous views in defiance of core beliefs of the UMC. No consequences whatsoever have been imposed on any such persons by the UMC. In the few cases that were formally reviewed based upon complaints, 100% of the heretical and even blasphemous utterances were cleared by the UMC with no action taken. Such scriptural defiance largely had nothing to do with human sexuality. Rather, numerous core Christian beliefs, even some recited in the Apostles Creed, have been publicly and shockingly rejected as spurious by a relative few UMC Bishops, and without any consequence to any of them. Seeing this, for the past two years many more UMC Bishops have resorted to open defiance of UMC rules and Christian traditions that are plainly grounded in scripture. The observation by Dr. Rebekah Miles that the Traditional Plan can impose severe future penalties on unapologetic errant Bishops, even for violations that have nothing to do with human sexuality, is certainly true, but this is far from an "unintended consequence" nor is this a fatal flaw. The fact is, the UMC is currently in a lawless mess with regard to defiant Bishops. This result was inevitable considering past failures to discipline any Bishop for any offence. Again, the central issue is not human sexuality. A difference of opinion on human sexuality could never constitute blasphemy, nor heresy. The sins of errant UMC Bishops have been far more serious as to core Christian beliefs. To have UMC Bishops attack core Christian beliefs while lecturing students at UMC seminaries is about as serious a problem as we can imagine, and yet this has happened without any form of church discipline, The Traditional Plan, and only the Traditional Plan, provides a remedy to this, a truly grave and urgent issue not just to the UMC, but to all who follow Christ. We cannot allow anyone, least of all UMC Bishops, to corrupt the Word or blaspheme the Holy Spirit while we still have the power to stop this.

Stuart Smith more than 2 years ago

There comes a time...

When diversity ceases to be an asset and becomes a liability because it is out of control. The United Methodist Church has already crossed into diversity run amuck and The One Church Plan will only make it official. The amount of theological diversity that has been allowed to develop within the UMC is what is killing the church because it can no longer say anything in particular about anything because we end up cancelling each other out.

"Theology, hobbled by viewpoints not simply diverse but contradictory, pours cold water into the hull. G.K. Chesterton once commented that a universe in which both Roman Catholicism and Christian Science were equally true would be a madhouse. Welcome to the bedlam of UMC Titanic." https://peopleneedjesus.net/2019/02/03/rms-titanic-vs-umc-titanic-a-happy-ending/

betsy more than 2 years ago

Is there biblical support for the One Church Plan?

I read our bishop's letter on the One Church Plan and it seemed to be a word salad written by an HR professional. Is it best to be faithful to the bible or loosely associated as a group? It seems St. Paul had things to write about Church unity where we focus on our principles and not on membership.

Brian more than 2 years ago

Traditional Plan

Even if the full Modified Traditional Plan passes it will die on the vine in the conferences. They need a supermajority of annual conferences to pass any constitutional changes. Which would require a local level of Conservative activism in the US simply not possible in the North and Western US. Most of Europe is lost so they would need Africa and South America to come through for them and that won't be enough to pass their changes. Thus the push to prep for WCA.

eric pone more than 2 years ago

It's Connectional

The Traditional Plan does not need Constitutional changes. I believe you will find that is the Connectional Plan.

Skipper more than 2 years ago

Notable Quotes 

"When one’s power, authority, or position is derived from demarcating and defending orthodoxy, then singling out more heretics is always necessary. The status one holds depends on maintaining loyalties and passing purity tests."

– Baptist pastor Brian Kaylor, "The Tragedy of Russell Moore" in Religion & Politics.


"The choice before every theologian and church leader is clear: either the tradition of the church tells us who we are, or we read the Scriptures in light of who we understand ourselves to be."

– Robert A. Hunt, Perkins School of Theology, in a Facebook post on Catholic bishops proposing to deny communion to President Joe Biden over his support for legal abortion.

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