Holding Traditionalists Accountable for Their Actions



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Reread the wonderful words of kulah here


Denise more than 1 year ago


So how did this author answer these ordination questions? Perhaps he did not feel the need to be honest since the covenant he entered into was “mythical”.
Have you studied the doctrines of The United Methodist Church?
After full examination, do you believe that our doctrines are in harmony with the Holy Scriptures?
Will you preach and maintain them?
As long as we are talking about tactics what does he think of these?
Disrupt meetings and conferences.
Disobey any and all rules you find inconvenient.
Schedule controversial votes late in GC when many of the foreign delegations are leaving to catch flights home.
Stack committees and commissions with LGBTQ friendly members all out of proportion to the actual percentages.
Delay votes on the floor with an endless series of questions, points of order, or proposed modifications.
Use Communion as a weapon to disrupt conferences and delay votes.
Attack dedicated Christians with name calling such as homophobic, hateful, discriminatory
Accuse members whose beliefs have held fast for decades and are upholding the BoD as being divisive.
You have to really love this phrase “keep your eyes on the way that our conservative opponents begin to subvert the democratic process”. The author views those upholding traditional beliefs as opponents. So much for Christian brothers and sisters.
It is writings like these that convince me that there is no compromise or deal making that can be done with progressives. Their unethical methods are incompatible with maintaining a connection glued together by a mutual covenant.

Kevin more than 1 year ago

Thank you!!

Thank you Kevin. I could,not have said it better myself.

Eriberto more than 1 year ago


When I read the article by Dr Miller, I felt compelled to comment. Then I read Kevin’s comments and he presented much of the things I wanted to communicate plus more. I will remind the readers once again that “traditionalist” is a prejudicial and discriminatory term and should be eliminated from use in the conversation on a Way Forward. I would also encourage the reader to reconsider “contextualization” in light of Leviticus 18:1-4 and 24-30; Romans 1:18-25 and 28-32; Matthew 24 (entire chapter); Mark 13 (entire chapter, essentially a reread of Matthew 24); and Revelation chapter 21 and 22. When I consider “contextualization” I consider I am in the context of the end times as described by Jesus rather than an ideology of “progressivism” as described by humans.

Scott more than 1 year ago

That was clear as mud

If you don't want to be called "Traditionalists" what term do you prefer for a description of your extreme faction? Spouting off multiple scriptural citations like hearing impaired persons use sign language does not communicate, it only obfuscates, and emphasizes the weakness of your argument.

George Nixon Shuler more than 1 year ago

And mud begets more mud

Only in Orwellian Newspeak could those who stand fast in the onslaught of those who seek to overturn the church's teachings regarding human sexual practices be termed "extreme." Unless, of course, you mean to say that Traditionalists are extremely steadfast, extremely resilient, and extremely resistant to change.

John more than 1 year ago


You overestimate what tradition was. There has never been unity as you suggest. I'd say they are resistant to change, on paper, selectively, when it confirms their prejudices. Steadfastness implies a kind of courage, which is the opposite of the bullying our right-wing faction engages in. Resiliency implies an ability to roll with the punches. The self-declared assertions of their own self-satisfaction belie the weakness of their position. The whining in every issue of Good News deftly illustrates the self-congratulatory oppression they commit daily. Look around you. This is nothing more than the pecksniffs' "The South's a-gonna rise again" moment - history repeated as farce..

George Nixon Shuler more than 1 year ago

Non sequitur

"The author views those upholding traditional beliefs as opponents. So much for Christian brothers and sisters. "

We love you as brothers and sisters, but the politicking for right-wing policies are acts of oppression against people your cohort has victimized for ages. We love you sinners but we hate your sin.

George Nixon Shuler more than 1 year ago

Double standard

So when Mr. Miller coordinates his efforts among all the groups who support his position, he considers that to be a wise and prudent approach. But when those he disagrees with do the same, they are nefarious, sneaky, and underhanded. Got it. Bearing false witness about the actions and motivations of your opponents in order to gain political points is neither ethical nor Christian.

Paul W. more than 1 year ago


Let me get this this straight. The WCA is not violating any rules by advocating for the Traditionalist Plan but is nonetheless underhanded by do so? What type of logic is that? Are not members of RMN promoting what they're calling "The Simple Plan" or the Uniting Methodist promoting the misnamed "One Church Plan?" I guess that's okay with you because you prefer those two options. And are you really going to suggest African Bishops and Delegates can't possibly think for themselves ... that they have to be told how to vote by the WCA? I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and critique your comments as elitist rather than the "R" word.

John more than 1 year ago

There is a difference...

...between what is legal, church-wise, and what is ethical. WCA is employing mobilization tactics to consolidate power much as Stalin mowed down Zinoviev and Kamenev after Lenin's demise in the Soviet Union.

George Nixon Shuler more than 1 year ago

HI George

You need to study your history. While Stalin and his followers murdered millions to consolidate power for political control with no option to leave for those who disagreed, the WCA simply advocates for allowing freedom of conscience for those who follow a traditional interpretation of Scripture. The Traditionalist plan allows for a loving and gracious exit for those whose consciences wish to leave unlike the other plans being pushed by a majority of Bishops who fear a loss of their control. I sense desperation on the part of people who label themselves "Progressives" when they misuse history to attack Tradionalists as Nazis or Stalinists rather than engaging in a logical Theological debate over the issue at hand. I wish you the very best on your faith journey, but your hyperbolic statements merely reinforces my argument that the UMC needs to amicably split into two Wesleyan movements, so each can concentrate on worship and mission.

John more than 1 year ago

You're mistaken

The right-wing faction does not want freedom; they want dominance. If not, why would they not just let people be? It's them who's chosen this as the hill to be the be all and end all. If they weren't so obsessed with what others do in bed they'd have no call for the massive mobilization they engage in. I wouldn't necessarily be opposed to a split. But by staying together we can be sure what young people remain in right-wing churches are not oppressed.

George Nixon Shuler more than 1 year ago

Seems traditionalists can’t be trusted

That last sentence says it all! “But by staying together we can be sure what young people remain in right-wing churches are not oppressed.” (check typos?) I need add no further comment.

Marywinn Amaya more than 1 year ago

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