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Is he wrong or not?

It seems to me that you are claiming that he is not a false teacher, but that you believe he is wrong on this issue. It seems to me that he said that progressive teaching would be false. I don't see how he said that anyone wasn't a Christian.

"We have in the church two groups that believe the other group is bringing erroneous or false teaching into the church. Traditionalists believe that to change the definition of marriage from one man and one woman would be to violate the clear teaching of Scripture, including the specific teachings of Jesus on marriage. Such teaching would be false and not true to the Gospel and therefore unacceptable in the church.

Progressives believe that the Bible does not speak about loving, monogamous same-sex relationships, and that the Holy Spirit is showing the church a new way that affirms such relationships as equivalent to marriage in every way. They believe that to discriminate (as they see it) against same-sex attracted persons is a violation of Jesus’ commandment to love one another and is therefore a false teaching that must be changed and repudiated by the church."

Chad more than 1 year ago

Wrong vs False

Is there a real difference? Does it really matter whether we call each other wrong or false? The United Methodist Church has been having this argument since 1972. Every General Conference since 1972 has ended the argument only for it to keep on going. Bottom line is we do not agree on sexuality or that General Conference is the only thing designated to speak for the whole church. We do not agree on abortion or what our view of Israel should be. And my guess is that as time goes on, the list of disagreements will continue to increase. I have already read the article from a progressive pastor who declares the understanding of God as being of three persons is totally and completely bogus. I also do not believe that a single denomination can be an adequate representative of God when it states that God is and is not for and against something. I do not believe God is double minded, which is exactly what the One Church plan is stating. My bigger view of the church is that the United Methodist Church is one small branch of the holy catholic/universal Church that possess theology in common with every other branch of Christianity while at the same time possesses what I call "lesser theology" that is unique to it. So where do I fit into your picture of it is OK for the UMC to be mired down in theological plurality?

betsy more than 1 year ago

Notable Quotes 

  “I’m worried about black people, like me, getting hurt. Some skin is like chocolate. Some is like vanilla. Some is mixed together like mine. But we’re all people!”

– Nolan Davis, 8, who organized his own Black Lives Matter march in St. Louis, Mo., that drew some 700 people.

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