LGBTQ United Methodists Are Hurting — and Leaving



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i must apologize...

I must apologize for my harsh tone.

The stories related here are tragic. Unfortunately, they appear to be caused by our church leaders who have overlooked our teachings and rules, and they have led people to believe that our church doesn't really believe what we have officially said that we believe. This whole situation is very tragic and traumatic. It really would be better if we could have a managed official split of the umc that splits local congregations and clergy with each new denomination determining is own new structure and bishops. Our leaders appear to be completely untrusted by everyone in the pews.

td more than 2 years ago

how about traditional methodists?

How about...traditional methodists are hurting and they are leaving. Hurting from weak, irresponsible, and political agenda hungry bishops. Hurting from the clergy they receive who think god just boils down to being politically correct and nice by the world's standards. Hurt by church structures put into place by huge mega churches that have no positive value for rural and neighborhood churches. Hurting from clergy who don't want to serve where they are assigned. Church leaders who don't believe in the reality of sin or the ability of christ touch our hearts.

We have lots of problems, least of which is clergy and bishops who claim they are hurting because they have decided to not follow our rules. No one has a right to serve in those positions. I don't see how they are hurting when they could immediately relieve their hurt by resigning; no one has a god given right to serve.

td more than 2 years ago

Excuse me. What ages are the “hurting” and leaving UMC homosexual members?

Since Mr. Patterson, and others, report that the Methodist Church/UMC has had such hurtful rules in this homosexual matter for a half century (and unwritten for centuries before that), why did all these now hurting/leaving homosexuals ever join the UMC in the first place? If the UMC has long been so cruel and unwelcoming, why did they choose UMC – especially those called to serve as clergy? Didn’t career counselors at seminaries have a list of which denominations are fully inclusive and which are not? Other protestant churches became more liberal decades ago, or a new gay church could have started, but these homosexuals chose the UMC, ignoring our BoD rules? Why?
Next question. If the number of homosexual people leaving the UMC because of the unfairness and hate therein is significant, why are we having this big conference in St. Louis? Why are millions of dollars being spent to find the way forward with people who want to leave? What is pushing the WCA and traditionalists, to seek ways to hold to traditions, morals and values of our forefathers if the homosexuals have decided to exit? If homosexuals are really leaving, why are traditionalists submitting FIVE exit plans?
Of course, the core of the homosexuals, the clergy, and their progressive acolytes in the UMC are not leaving. They are employed, vested, and committed to changing the denomination to their style. Some are seeking some level of social acceptance they believe will come with full inclusion. They may be rocking the boat, but the boat is sinking. And while groups like the WCA might be the largest and loudest lifeboat for traditionalists, there are many more individuals like me who just grabbed our pledge card and paddled over to another denomination. Same Bible. Same Savior. Same Christmas songs. Like going from a canoe to a row-boat, there are some differences, but you get used to it.
Idea: Like the British have “BREXIT”, why don’t we Methodists vote for “MEXIT” and we all just take our churches and go our own way?

Reese more than 2 years ago

Notable Quotes 

"When one’s power, authority, or position is derived from demarcating and defending orthodoxy, then singling out more heretics is always necessary. The status one holds depends on maintaining loyalties and passing purity tests."

– Baptist pastor Brian Kaylor, "The Tragedy of Russell Moore" in Religion & Politics.

"The choice before every theologian and church leader is clear: either the tradition of the church tells us who we are, or we read the Scriptures in light of who we understand ourselves to be."

– Robert A. Hunt, Perkins School of Theology, in a Facebook post on Catholic bishops proposing to deny communion to President Joe Biden over his support for legal abortion.

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