Louisiana Clergywomen Spark 'Strands of Unity' Movement

Clergy and Lay Women to Wear 'Prayer Pearls' During GC2019



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Strong Women

As I read this story, I thought of my Mother, Julia Brown Caldwell.

When the racially segregated Central Jurisdiction was created in 1939, my Mother became President of the Women’s Society of Christian Service/WSCS of the North Carolina Conference of the Central Jurisdiction, in 1940. She would attend national meetings of the Board of Missions. She came back from those meetings and shared at the dinner table the racial segregation she experienced in Restaurants and Hotels. But, with a sparkle in her eyes, she would tell us about the White southern women who would leave Restaurants that would not serve her, and would challenge Hotel staff who were not kind to her. One of those women was named Thelma Stevens.

I sense there are some Thelma Stevens- like women in the Louisiana Conference and beyond.

As we approach GC 2019, a song continues to tug at me; “Red and Yellow, Black, Brown and White, Jesus loves the little children of the world”. The Creator is responsible for our sexual orientation. Will it be reported for years to come that the UMC rejected children whose sexual orientation was homosexual, while embracing children whose sexual orientation was, heterosexual?

I believe women who are Red and Yellow, Black, Brown, and White, whether they are Mothers or not, will at GC 2019 push the UMC to embrace all children, regardless of their sexual orientation. Years ago the late Bishop Jack Tuell said something like this: “I do not believe God would create homosexual persons, give them the same sexual urges, God gives to heterosexuals, and expect them not to act on that urge.”

Two African American clergyman, Vance Ross and Rudy Rasmus, in this video, speak of our “Making Disciples to transform the world.” They suggest, an invasion of the bed rooms of United Methodists, does not make disciples.

Gil Caldwell 89 days ago


What a wonderful thing the Louisiana Clergywomen have done with their "Strands of Unity" effort. GIl, like you, I thought of my late mother. She is pictured on my facebook page in her pearls in General Conference 1996. She was one of the leaders of the Women's Leadership Team in the South Central Jurisdiction and beginning in 1992 helped us elect a more inclusive delegation. She was always fierce and alway in pearls! Part of my support for greater inclusion now and my support for the One Church Plan comes from my raising! (Thanks Mama!) And by the way, I had one of my strands of pearls restrung last month in preparation for General Conference.

Rebekah Miles 88 days ago

Notable Quotes   

   "My wish is that, one day, formal education will pay attention to the education of the heart, teaching love, compassion, justice, forgiveness, mindfulness, tolerance and peace. This education is necessary, from kindergarten to secondary schools and universities. I mean social, emotional and ethical learning. We need a worldwide initiative for educating heart and mind in this modern age."

 – HH The Dalai Lama, interviewed in the Los Angeles Times

    "[Author Vincent Strudwick] reimagines church as catalyst, transfiguring an egoistic society back to an altruistic one, celebrating a God who is as weak as water, but as irresistible as a river. Decisions should be taken at the lowest possible grass-roots level, dialogue superseding proclamation, and embodiment replacing autocracy.

– The Rt. Rev. David Wilbourne, Assistant Bishop of Llandaff in the Church of England, reviewing Strudwick's book: "The Naked God: Wrestling for a Grace-ful Humanity" in Church Times.


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