Scholars to Consult about UMC Witness on Human Sexuality



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Methodist stand/LGBTQ people

I am a Methodist and I cannot stay at the Methodist Church if it supports a homosexual lifestyle.

Margaret a Stine more than 4 years ago


It saddens me so many are tightly bound to an ideology and refuse to step out of their comfort zone is a disregard to a human being and their soul, and discipleship. If Jesus could transform the woman at the well and acknowledges her as someone's wife with full knowledge of her true status. She is not told to repent, she is instructed to act as a prophet and bring the very people that look at her with disdain. The people suddenly listen to her for a change. The hand of God was at work. Jesus called her wife twice when she had lived with several husbands, but she wasn't married to the current. The Bible is filled with stories about divorce and adultery and the UMC seems to have reconciled, open and accepted a more liberal stance. If this is possible why is the stance on LGBTQI so rigid. Why not consider? Why is the possibility of accepting a divorcee with a new husband or wife is sinful according to the Bible but acceptable and not of interest and worthy of mention in the BOD as not compatible with Christian practice. I am not speaking with arrogance and not saying your view is wrong, I am asking why can't we discussion this in a gray area and not remain in a rigid black and white view. I am of a liberal stance but i only challenge the lack of willingness to discuss this. I am inclined to believe that enough divorcee's were effected and then worthy of discussion and acceptance. To build a wall is not a christian behavior, Christians are builders of bridges to unity and God's love

Pastor Kate Reynolds more than 4 years ago

Notable Quotes 

Jim Winkler, general secretary, National Council of Churches USA (NCC Photo)"Public and sometimes violent acts of racism, white Christian nationalism, anti-immigrant attitudes and xenophobia, along with rising incidents of anti-Jewish, anti-Muslim and other forms of religious bigotry sometimes committed in the name of Christianity, have created an urgency for the churches and the broader culture to recognize the imperative of interreligious engagement for peace-making locally, nationally, and globally."

– United Methodist layman Jim Winkler, top executive of the National Council of Churches USA, in a speech to  International Religious Freedom and Peace Conference in Armenia.

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