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Loving Bishop, but to find a higher level of naivete’, we must visit a children’s day-care center…

Such an obviously good servant of the UMC and its members, and I’m betting she has gumbo skills to rival any chef on TV, but her naivete’ is both sweet and irrelevant. Is a Bishop not supposed to be a rock on which the believers build? Seems this rock, Bishop Harvey, has endorsed “sand” as the future; the shifting, the “do whatever feels good, but stay in the UMC plan.” The “One Church” plan is a “Whatever” plan which ignores, in fact, obliterates, those common sense and moral rules our mommas and daddies taught us.
“Gumbo”, metaphically speaking, is a mixture of many good things, slowly simmered together, spiced just right, and served with love. While gumbo might be a mixture, certain rules still apply in it's preparation which are non-negotiable – as in spiritual life – we can welcome a wide mixture into our church pews, but the rules must remain or the gumbo does not turn out right; watered down, over-cooked, over-spiced, scorched, spoiled... Rules must be followed!
The rules of thousands of years, over many cultures, many religions, have remained constant on certain issues of life. Bishop Harvey ignores the basic recipe we have followed for generations, in favor of this new “fusion” style of religion which has become popular among liberals, millennials, and non-believers who just want to use our church as a tool against us. Y’all get out of my kitchen!

Reese 227 days ago

Love vs. obedience

Many years ago, before the current vexing divisions in the UMC came about, I read an article describing American Protestantism being divided into two parts: the church of love and the church of obedience. Specific geographic regions were identified with these. It would seem this observation still holds true today. There are basic cultural differences in the US and many of these have been traced to the original founding colonialists centuries ago. [See "American Nations" by Colin Woodward] It is unlikely these differences will be overcome anytime soon. Perhaps it is time for the northern/western and southern churches to go their own ways. The merger of the ME Church South with the ME Church was probably a historical mistake.

David 228 days ago

Being Obedient Shows our Love

It seems to me that being an obedient church is how we show God our love for him. Being disobedient takes us away from God and into sin. So, I would argue you can’t be a church of love without being an obedient church.

Your loving brother in Christ,

Steve 227 days ago

Bishop loses sight of what is important

Bishop Harvey,

Including everyone on all sides of the homosexuality issue should not be a factor on the way forward. Unity or compromise or full inclusion are non-factors. The UMC needs to look at what the Bible soclearly tells us. That results in keeping the BOD language as is and enacting the Traditionalist Plan. Anything less and our UMC has once again abandoned the laity and shirked their responsibility to stand for what is right, not just what might be most appealing (and better ensure clergy retirement). The Councilof Bishops should be ashamed of themselves for considering and endorsing the One Church Plan.

Your Loving Brother in Christ,

Steve 229 days ago


I honestly don't believe the bishops know what to do in this situation. Frankly, much of the laity doesn't know what to do either. Society has moved so fast on this issue and the culture has dramatically shifted in the last decade on same-sex relationships, it has left many heads spinning. The cultural elite in this country have turned on those who they don't believe have "caught up" to them in their understanding. It's a shame because there are many good people on both sides of this issue. The Bible is clear on the practice of homosexuality; however, I believe a huge problem for those wanting to schism over this issue is the lack of focus on the sins of the heterosexual. Our pews and pulpits are filled with the divorced, those continuing to sin, while scapegoating homosexuals. It's just not right. It places me in a position where I want to join a church where this debate isn't happening, where sin is not being weighed against sin, it's all sin.

Daniel 226 days ago

we all sin

yea Daniel we all sin each and every day, but for this heterosexual I don't justify my sin by saying that's the way God made me so it is ok. I call my sin well sin and try to move away from it, but I certainly don't try and promote or justify it by getting others to agree that my sin is ok or normal just so I feel good about it....logically that make no sense.

Billy 161 days ago

Notable Quotes   

     "Personally, I just want the infighting and the time and energy this issue has taken away from the church to be in mission and evangelism to end. If it means an amicable parting, then so be it. Sad as that may be I have to believe that it is God’s will and not mine."

– Rev. Terry L. Tilton, Chisholm (Minn.) United Methodist Church, writing in the Hibbing (Minn.) Daily Tribune.


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