Six Things United Methodists Need to Do NOW If Their Pastor Stands with the WCA



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Charisma Magazine

The WCA future denomination was reported a while back in Charisma magazine, but the WCA stated that leaving the UMC was not the intent or purpose. Yes the WCA WILL LEAVE the UMC about 2 or 3 months after GC 2019. They plan on meeting to decide at that time to form a new Methodist movement. This was the intent all along.

Jeffery more than 2 years ago

sadden but not surprized at biased coverage

The majority of UMC members/delegates doesn't agree with your liberal theology of scripture. How different it would be if the left had carried the vote, instead of "woe is me I didn't get my way so something has to be wrong" you and your group would be celebrating in the media as you are now trying to cover yourself with how you got it wrong and whose fault it was. Please depart, before there is more hurt caused. This is a no compromise impasse. Neither side will suddenly realize the other is right. We must part so that we can continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus. I have seen no mention in the liberal biased media on how much harm the liberal left has caused, and believe me,it has and continues to bring great harm for a lot of UMC congregations. Schism is the only way left to do no further harm.

Tracy Adams more than 2 years ago

Great information until page 3 (on an iPhone)

Great information until page 3 where you state that this GC is about “legislation that will lead to the full exclusion of LGTBQ persons from the denomination.” This GC is about the possibility of ordination of LGTBQ persons without violating the current BOD ordination requirements of Clergy. All LGTBQ persons are more than welcome to be a part of any UMC congregations. Our sign should read “all sinners welcomed”! Ordination however has previously been held to a higher standard.

Mark Castleberry more than 2 years ago

Ain’t it a shame that the Methodist market even has a need for WCA?

Had the UMC stayed true to its traditions and rules, no WCA would be an issue, at least not the UM-insight 7-page, siren-blowing, red-light-flashing threat this article describes. UMC leadership et al tilled the soil, planted the seeds, and watered the ground from which the WCA kudzu now climbs through their forest.
Marketing people understand that where the market has a need, somebody will find a way to fulfill it. Our UMC has had a need for over two generations and all that has been done is to ignore the non-negotiable, repress the growing frustrations, and refuse to explore real alternatives. WCA is offering an alternative to fill that need, something to fill the vacuum, an answer to a question which has gone unanswered for too long. However, to me, there is a better answer
A great comedian, Flip Wilson, had several skits about “The Church of What’s Happenin’ Now”. To me, that describes the progressive half of the UMC; homosexual marriage, clergy, whatever… Others of us prefer the “Old Time Religion”, a/k/a “Traditional” style of Methodist church. There is essentially no “middle ground” between the two, no compromise, no possibility that these two diametric interpretations of Methodist’s future will be compatible, or that a real future with the two in the same denomination would be possible.
If WCA is seen as ominous, it is because the UMC hierarchy has remained oblivious to the growing schism. Had the powers that be explored accepting the inevitable and considered an amicable split years ago, we would not be in this mess today. Had they merely held OPEN way forward meetings, they might have learned it…
So, Rev. Bucher epitomizes the top-down management approach of preparing and executing a plan to win the votes. Unfortunately, his real foes are the hearts and minds of free Americans who take great pride in making their own decisions. Votes come and go. People can simply go… Will he someday be preaching to his echo in an empty church, a church saved from the barbarians, but now awaiting the plow…

Reese more than 2 years ago


Wilson's hypocritical church resembles every right wing congregation ever, not those which fight for justice.

George Nixon Shuler more than 2 years ago

six things

Bryan is busy rounding up the usual suspects. To cite ancient wisdom, it would seem that his dogmatism is chasing the WCA catechism, which produces fanaticism on his part. With so many larger issues affecting the church, reflected in sustained decreasing worship attendance among other factors, I would hope that folks from left and right will take some deep breaths, speak the truth in love, and leave hissing to snakes in Arizona rather than on the postings of faith websites. actually Bryan's post about the WCA reminds me of an old ditty of the John Birch society, sung to the tune of Battle Hymn: "Mine eyes have seen the horror of the coming of the Reds; they are tearing up Old Glory into 50 million shreds; they are creeping in our windows and are hiding neath our beds...let's fight until they're gone." Strike 'Reds,' replace with WCA and Bryan has his theme song.

bob more than 2 years ago

WCA Preparation

This is all good ground work. But I don't intend to stay at a church that breaks away. If my church decides to go WCA I will be moving onto a congregation that is remaining. It is not that I am liberal or progressive. I am not. I just don't want to belong to WCA. So for me the answer is simple. If my church bails I bail.

eric pone more than 2 years ago

I am not a member of the WCA

And I do not need the WCA to scare me when it comes to the One Church Plan; I got there all on my own. Starting shortly before GC2012 and ending shortly after GC2016 I began to monitor every voice I could find within the UMC. I was stunned and shocked to learn that the denomination I grew up in and thought I could trust with my spiritual well being is drowning in theological plurality. I am stunned that any organization would want to reorganize itself to accommodate those who are unwilling to abide by the current polity. Wake up and face reality, this article is a testimony to the fact that there is no unity to be had in the UMC because it has become a theological free-for-all with everybody doing the best they know how. What I learned locally is that good-hearted people doing the best they know how without any consensus as to what it is they need to be doing are the absolute worst kind of loose cannon. The One Church Plan will be the end of the UMC, not because the WCA pulls out but because it will do nothing but accelerate the numerical decline that has been going on for the last 50 years. And if you doubt that all you have to do is look at every other mainline denomination that has tried their own variation of the One Church Plan--their numerical declines have accelerated. Meanwhile denominations that have maintained a traditional stance are experiencing consistent and even record breaking growth. I baptized three children into the United Methodist Church; as adults they now only show up at Christmas and Easter. I have been on the fringes for years, just showing up for Sunday morning worship and giving the Way Forward an opportunity to "do its thing". So far all it seems to have done is intensify and exacerbate the theological debate which, as you pointed out, begins in the pews and there is no longer any doubt that it goes all the way through the COB. I am tired of being part of a theologically confused church that has degenerated into nothing more than competing, conflicting and contradictory factions that are jockeying for position and control. Thanks to seedbed, I now know there is a lot more to the Christian life than what a lifetime of being a good loyal Methodist/Untied Methodist taught me.

betsy more than 2 years ago

Conservative Clergy

"While the United Methodist Church needs talented, gifted, loving, grace-filled conservative evangelical pastoral leadership, these persons must affirm their commitment to the denomination beyond the March 1, 2019."

Oh please! Give us a break. While much of your column makes sense, don't kid us with a statement like the one above. You have NO desire for ANY conservatives to be part of the UMC, only for the money. A statement like that is only so you can appear less divisive than WCA, but it couldn't be more transparent.

Daniel more than 2 years ago


I know where my DS stands. He joined the WCA. The WCA is laying the groundwork in case the traditional plan does not pass. The progressives should be doing the same thing in case the traditional plan does pass.
Hope for the best and plan for the worst. Still good advice.

Kevin more than 2 years ago

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