Traditionalist Plan: More of the Same for The #UMC



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Ignoring the Rules has gone on for years

But that does not establish a change in either God's rules (they don't change at all) or in Methodist rules. When something is outside the playing field it is just that -, outside the rules. The reason we have rules is to honor God and not the "creation" as Paul calls it in the bible. This all comes back to an early set of rules - the Ten Commandments, and our choice to honor them (and how God desires us to live) or not.

Skipper 346 days ago

Jesus was a Moral Person

Jesus was a moral person. Methodists have always honored that and tried to live like He did. Please try to understand that we take our values from above. We cling tenaciously to God's values - not to make us Christian, but because having accepted Christ and placed our faith in Christ, we want to honor Him. So yes, the Traditional Plan is more of the same, because we want to continue to honor God (and not the creation).

Skipper 346 days ago


He describes it as if it was a bad plan. It isn't. It is the best plan on the table for going forward with the least damage to The UMC.

Kevin 351 days ago

The other thing you do not get

Traditionals will not be "talked into submission". We value and are as set on our beliefs every bit as much as you are. That is why the sexuality argument has gone on for so long. We are not going to change. You are not going to change. So exactly where does that leave the future of The United Methodist Church?

betsy 351 days ago

Traditional vs. Traditionalist

Who cares what it's called so long as General Conference is led by the Holy Spirit to maintain our denomination's adherence to Holy Scripture. The plan does move us forward in that it will enhance our denomination's ability to actually require Bishops and clergy to adhere to our Book of Discipline and to honor the oaths they took upon ordination. I see that as progress. I understand you don't, which further reinforces my belief that schism is inevitable.

John 351 days ago

Why debate semantics? By any name, NO to both the “Traditional” and the “One Church” offerings.

Why can’t there be a viable, peaceful, cost-effective plan to accept what cannot be changed, and split what has become an example of marriages that would be best served by divorce? I offer “IRRECONCILABLE DIFFERENCES” in caps to plead that both sides FILE FOR DIVORCE and quit wasting time with all this meaningless blah-blah-blah!
I’ve never cared if homo-sexual people share my pew, share the covered dish supper, share the communion rail or our service together in the community, but do not ask me to legitimize that lifestyle with my acceptance of a LGBTQ spiritual leader in my denomination. Moreover, never ask me to offer the church I support for homo-sexual weddings. Marriage is one man and one woman and that is non-negotiable. (Legal partnerships of any two should be accepted, binding and fully legal for all, but NOT celebrated in my house of Christian worship.)
I want to attend a “traditional” Methodist Church. But, I don’t want my traditional church associated in any way with “progressive” Methodist churches, so “One Church” is no church for me. But, the cancer of liberalism has fully metastasized in about half the American UMC churches, so the WCA is wasting their time and our time in trying to bring them back into our old values. “All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t…” (And, shouldn’t!)

Reese 351 days ago

This article is unbelievable

It represents such a different view of Christianity and the church than the one I have I am absolutely at a loss how to respond. What I don't understand is how you do not see that the problem is conflicting understandings are trying to occupy the same denomination. But then, you have a completely understanding of the church than I do. If you could just understand that traditionals are not trying to quench what you perceive as the Holy Spirit at work in the church, we come from a completely different mindset that is rooted in historic Christianity. Something you have absolutely no understanding of because you see historic Christianity as a liability than an asset. We have absolutely no common ground from which to function. As far as I am concerned it is the One Church Plan will totally disconnect the United Methodist Church from its Wesleyan/Methodist roots. And I know you do not get that either. Traditionals are not the enemy out to get anybody. We just want the same freedom you are seeking: to live out our beliefs as we see fit.

betsy 351 days ago

Notable Quotes   

     “It is very important that we use preferred pronouns. It makes people feel welcomed … and it is the right thing to do. Growing up and figuring out who you are is hard enough without bullies.”

     – Fifth grader Liam Oliver, son of the Rev. Andy Oliver of Allendale UMC in St. Petersburg, Fla., speaking to the Pasco County School District about its teacher guidelines for interacting with LGBTQ students. Quoted in the Tampa Bay Times.


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