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A case of ignoring the elephant in the room

What Rev. Howell and Rev. Hamilton fail to acknowledge in their statements about how their churches are functioning is that everybody is respecting the beliefs of others. That is not the case within the denomination where one group is doing whatever it takes to force their understandings on the entire church. I had already been cruising the internet for a while listening to every voice I could find when some progressives decided it was time to force the issue with disobedience. That is also the time the whole tone of the "conversation" changed and "traditionalists" began organizing for a stronger pushback. Basically the time has passed for " let's all be one big happy family in our disagreement" because progressive disobedience has pushed the problem to a whole other level. Personally, what bothers me most about some of the more radical progressives is not what they believe about sexuality but how they go about achieving their goal of full inclusion of LGBTQ...XYZ. The cause of justice is not served when, in an attempt to attain justice for one group of people, the plan is to totally run over those who disagree with them; that is exactly what has been happening since GC2012. Furthermore, if you pay attention to what happened after GC2016, their disobedience no longer stops with sexuality; it now includes Israel and the RCRC. The question about sexuality is not what has pushed the church to this moment--it is the tactics of these intolerant progressives who appear incapable of respecting those who disagree with them. I am stunned that such a mentality has been allowed to take root within the church.

Betsy more than 3 years ago

response to Betsy

Right on Betsy. Your comment listed on the insight web was right on. You articulated my thoughts and feeling exactly. One of my concerns is the way the progressives have acceived their position. And if we elect Gay bishops then their tactic will further erode the Church.

Steven Goodin more than 3 years ago

Notable Quotes 

"... Sometimes the gospel confronts us with values that are counter to a white supremacist, nationalist, militaristic, xenophobic, homophobic, misogynistic, anti-environmental, or ableist agenda. Even without mentioning a specific president, a sermon that preaches the values of welcoming the immigrant, obeying the commandment not to murder, lifting up 'the least of these,' or valuing black lives can be mistakenly perceived as promoting a 'liberal agenda.'"

– Leah D. Schade, "What to Do When Parisioners Leave ... Because of Politics."

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