Wespath Study Reveals Traditional(ist) Plan Cruelly Targets Clergy Pensions



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Fake News

It is embarrassing that this forum would publish an article so ignorant of facts that can be esaily researched. The WESPATH chart was falsified to indicate that the pension plan cut benefits. The true chart should be viewed as it merely indicates that the longer the term a pastor serves, the greater his/her pension. Simple as that and perfectly logical and having nothing to do with the decision of which plan is adopted. Shame on UMInsight for promoting such an easily debunked like.

Dave more than 2 years ago

It's About Following God's Word and Not About Following the Money

It's a terrible shame and very sad that many United Methodists (clergy, lay people, delegates and members) are chasing the money and not pursuing God's Word, Spirit and Teachings. We all need to follow the scriptures. The Old and New Testament clearly state the marriage should be between a man and a woman. Any compromise from these writings and standards is a clear normalization of sin. Further, the pursuit of power, control and money at the expense of God's word is unimaginable. We are United Methodist and we follow God's word.

William Dunkin more than 2 years ago

Exiting conference should pay benefits

It seems to me that the exiting conference should decide the benefits package it wants to extend. If I was in that conference, which I think I might be, then I would want to give credit to the clergy for their previous service. To the extent that breaking apart prevents the conference from being as generous, then the compensation package would need to be reduced.

However, both sides present the issue as the other side "holding them back". To the extent that's true, our ministries should grow and we'll be better off. That won't end up being true, so we'll have to make some tough decisions. But in the event of a split of this nature, 20% cuts at the general church level will be underestimated. The conferences will be able to tap those savings to maintain clergy compensation packages.

It could very well be the conservative conferences exiting the UMC. It's TBD.

Anonymous more than 2 years ago


Bottom line: it's about the money!
I think 'Anonymous' actually meant "misunderestimated", to quote a famous Texan not named Davy Crockett.
Those guys who died defending the Alamo clearly misunderestimated the human cost of their famous last stand.
Perhaps those who are determined to fight to the death to preserve their version of United Methodism have misunderestimated the immense systemic costs that could take down the mission focus of a once-united global denomination,
No matter how dressed-up in the finery of a "gracious, non-punitive exit" plan, it's still the self-defeating impulse of "evange-schism" to cut off the offensive members of the body. No matter the cost.

Wayne more than 2 years ago

Notable Quotes 

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