A Fearful Reflection on General Conference 2016



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your role in demonstrations

What role did UM Communications play regarding demonstrations at General Conference from 2004 to 2012? That sounds like a very interesting story. Mr. Drachler is concerned about whether arrests happened again. Many of us see that appeasement has resulted in worse and worse activity by the demonstrators culminating in a takeover and shutdown of General Conference in 2012. General Conference, for all of its faults, is a peaceable assembly. Shutting it down is a violent act; a dictatorial act especially when it is a minority escalating to physical action when they are unable to win a vote.

Creed Pogue more than 5 years ago

A view from the UMC pew

I question your claim that 'Through many generations of General Conferences, demonstrations are part of The United Methodist DNA." I am a product of multiple generations of Methodists/United Methodists which included clergy and lay workers and among the discussions, demonstrations at General Conference never ever came up and I have been appalled that demonstrations have been allowed to take place. But nevertheless, there is one simple way to avoid possible police action: You obviously know about the rule against causing a distraction/disruption so Do Not Engage In Any Behavior That Would Force Anybody To Call The Police!!!! It is as simple as that

Ella Pauline more than 5 years ago

A totally inclusive church!

Since before I was ordained a Deacon in 1974 the debate about sexuality and gender inclusiveness has been front and center n the life of our church and its annual conferences. Friends this debate has been gnawing at the church for FAR too long. It is destroying the United Methodist Church, and distracting the church from the most critical issues of our time. It is time to move on, to have the faithful confidence to trust the working of the Spirit in the church, and to at least be willing to TALK TO and LISTEN TO each other. WE are the church, and CHURCH, we are to be guided by the Holy Spirit...not BUILDING WALLS so that we don't have to talk to each other. We need to let the Spirit have its way with us, and lead us where it wills, NOT where we will. I am praying that GC2016 can come together as God's people and prayerfully discern what God is calling the church to BE and DO. God bless you as you continue to do God'd work.

Rev. Dr. Alan C. Rhodes more than 5 years ago

In other words...

In other words, our church should shed any allegiance to the Bible, our history, and our theological heritage in order to endorse the sinful behavior of those who refuse to confess or repent or consider any change in their lifestyle. In other words, let's abandon our faith, confirm people's selfish and sinful behavior and quit caring if they are saved or lost? No confession, no repentance, no salvation, no transformation, no new life; we'll all simply dance into hell together, holding hands and singing "Kum bah ya?".

Charles Whatley more than 5 years ago

Grow up

Your fourth grade Sunday School teacher, who told you that homosexuality was sinful, changed her mind thirty years ago when she learned that her favorite grandson was gay. It was hard for her at first, but then she realized that he had been gay all of his life, God made him gay, it was not a choice, and God don't make junk. Unfortunately, another preacher in town became so pompous and self righteous when his son came out that he told him he didn't want to ever see him again. That certainly created hell on earth for both of them. I don't know which person suffers more, but I kind of think it's the preacher grandfather who doesn't ever get to see his grandchildren because of his foolish stubborn self-righteousness.

Jeremy Amos more than 5 years ago

Bible teaching

The Bible is clearly against homosexual practice and teaching. Our policy to welcome people to our churches, yet preach the gospel and disciple them is correct. God loves us and wants us to turn from our sins, including homosexuality

DW more than 5 years ago