Can We Have a Scorn-Free General Conference?



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The scorn and threats of violence and disruption are coming mostly from the LGBTQ group; the basic message of the traditional groups is simply "no." But the uninformed and the gullible and the pro-sin groups are promoting a "scorn-free" and "consensus-driven" conference, because they know that an honest General Conference will say "no."

Charles Whatley more than 5 years ago

That's ridiculous

I don't think it's members of "the LGBTQ group" claiming their opponents are a "pro-sin" group and wanted to patrol the bathrooms to check everybody's wedding tackle. Violence? Walk in the shoes of Billy Jack Gaither and Gwen Aruajo and then we can talk. Honest? Give us a full accounting of the finances of right-wing groups within the UMC including the amount furnished by the eccentric billionaire Richard Mellon Schaife and then we'll see who's honest and who's involved in schemes to amass power and control.

George Nixon Shuler more than 5 years ago

Change is inevitable.

I'm thankful that brave people are fighting for the long overdue changes for LGBT members' acceptance and opportunities in a church that advertises as its mantra that Methodist Churches open doors to everyone. Never mind that they have kicked our people from their jobs as church musicians, leaders, teachers, lay preachers just because they aren't heterosexual. Truth be told, if the full extent of the abuse these people have endured every comes out, the last thing you should expect is scorn-free and condensus-driven dialogue. Unless the people who consider that they alone know the will of God open their minds to that possibility, there won't be any resolution. If the church splits over it, the open-minded, opened-hearted members will be sad, but that's what happens when clergy refuses to get out of the quicksand of bigotry and change outdated internal rules based upon nothing that relates to God's teachings through Christ. Young people coming up today know that the bigotry in the church us hateful. You will, over time, realize that Christians today and tomorrow want am accessible Christ who loves them no matter what. Protestants established a long time ago, starting back in 1517, that we don't need an interpreter for Christ. Consensus will not happen as long as bigotry is a part of the deal.

Patricia Elmore more than 5 years ago