GC2016 — The “We Need to Talk” Talk



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Let's Talk

We have been trying to have the "Let's Talk before the Let's Talk" talk for 44 years. We've even had various study documents to help us facilitate the Talk. Meanwhile, our church has continued to harm God's LGBTQ children and there has been no healing or reconciliation coming out of 44 years of Talk.

Unity is a prayer that Christ offered for the Church; it should not be an idol that we set up for our UM snall-c church. IMO it's too late for the talk-before-the-talk. We've already had a series of those.

Nancy R. Smith more than 5 years ago

Let's talk

For thirty years I "talked" as an ordained UMC pastor to the church and congregants. It was hard, mostly frustrating, and time consuming work, which I did because I love the UMC, it's good works and the spirit of Christ I frequently found in my calling as a UMC pastor. BUT, I had another calling, another love, and another task to perform...my family, which included a lesbian daughter, her partner and all her friend, an a broad community of GLBT friends (PFLAG), and most importantly a devoted wife. It was exhausting work trying to be devoted to both the UMC and my extended family. It came to the point in time that I knew I had to chose to give up on one and take the other..."chose you this day, whom you will serve". The problem with "Let's Talk" is that it is far more consequential than just talking. It's very time consuming, complecated, and exhausting. There comes a time, as one sees his/her limited life playing out that hard choices of where to invest one,s love . I am afraid the choice to stop talking with the UMC is much easier for many people (thousands) than it was for me.

The Rev Bob Parsons more than 5 years ago