Making Jesus Answer Questions He Wasn't Asked



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No wonder people are leaving the UMC!

This a view from the UMC pew: What is a rank and file person supposed to do/believe when an article written by a respected UMC elder is dismantled by another respected UMC elder and that later article is dismantled by a third respected UMC elder! The sexuality question is dismantling the Bible for the person in the pew! What I have come to realize that even if the sexuality debate disappeared today, the UMC would have a long row to hoe in hashing out what it collectively believes! I do not claim to be a Wesleyan scholar, but I have read enough about and of him to know that theological plurality was not a hallmark of early Methodism. The church needs to reclaim a clear understanding of Wesley's sermon, "The Catholic Spirit"; even I was stunned when I got to the second half of the sermon where Wesley describes the person of the truly catholic spirit. You cannot use Wesley to justify the theological plurality that is currently rampant in the UMC. I am not a huge fan of it either because it left me knowing some things about nothing in particular; which was less than helpful when the going got rough.

Ella Paulind more than 5 years ago

"Exegetical malpractice" is Standard Operating Procedure Right-Wing theology. The facts do not matter; what matters is the person's prejudices, which are, of course, feelings, impressions not based on facts. The individual doesn't wike it so that means GAWD therefore doesn't. What's really funny is when they get after heterosexuals who have no problem with LGBTs. They say we are also going to heyell but can never say why or how. It's like the ridiculous bathroom laws floating about in various state legislatures - the ones whining about perverts in the public restroom are the perverts for their obsession about it. It's a sad situation.

George Nixon Shuler more than 5 years ago