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The hard truth

We are no longer a people of one faith. Sure there are a set of beliefs put forth at, but they never make it off the paper! In practice we are all over the map! Then stir in a radical group of liberal/progressive fundamentalists who are bound and determined to foist their beliefs about sexuality on everybody else, where is the peace? My understanding of personal freedom is my freedom ends where the next person's begin. I will not interfere with people that believe differently than me when it comes to the definition of marriage; but those that believe differently from me do not afford me the same respect! In fact, their heavy handed tactics do not represent a brand of Christianity I want to have anything to do with!

Ella Pauline more than 5 years ago

General Conference

Differences of opinion do not promote disunity but covenant breaking and rampant disobedience does. Such people cannot be trusted. Does unity mean unanimity in a marriage? Not an issue in my marriage since my spouse has a 51% vote share on all essentials.

Kevin more than 5 years ago