It's Time to Let Go



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God's Way

God gives us guidance and examples. Spiritual leaders like Jesus Christ give us guidelines to live by. Jesus never said "Reject people who don't live like you." Jesus never said "Silence those whose life journey you don't like." Jesus called us to be inclusive even when it is uncomfortable. He demanded that we feed his people (spiritually and literally). The only people Jesus rebuked were the religious leaders who hid behind their rules at the expense of human dignity. Come on, my dear Methodist Church, my homeland! Drop your spiritual superiority and get about your real job--feeding people and gathering them together in fellowship.

Krys Holmes more than 5 years ago

Time to let go

Did not God give rules? First of all to not eat from a certain tree. Then, a question "Did God really say that?" So they did what they decided was good in their own eyes...and did what God told them not to do. God gave us commands..we don't have to make up our own..we have faith and follow our creator. Loving one another is telling God's Truth, not making up our own. He sent His Son to show us once and for is not about us and our way but about our relationship with Him and His way. God bless the United Methodist Church for not caving to the ways of the culture but for standing firm on God's Way.

Betsy Kersey more than 5 years ago


Thanks for this, Kathryn

Barbara Wendland more than 5 years ago