Rule 44 and the Tree of Life

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The Delphi Method by Another Name

This has already been used by The Episcopal Church and Church of England to steer and manipulate participants to get to the conclusions desired by the organizers. Dress it up in all the "churchy/feely" language you want but it's still a cynical way to try and manipulate delegates to affirm and celebrate sinful behavior. It's a good tactical move since the people targeted by manipulation genuinely want to be kind and compassionate. They're not the ones holding demonstrations, using incendiary rhetoric, and other agitprop shenanigans to get their way.

Dan more than 5 years ago

Rule 44 and the hope of grace

Cynthia, this is such a beautiful article. I see hope all over it for the pouring out of grace upon those at General Conference. I so wish . . .

Christy thomas more than 5 years ago

Thank you!

Thank you, Christy! Coming from such a gifted writer as you, this is high praise indeed. I know we'll both pray for God's grace to shower down in Portland!

cynthiaadmin (United Methodist Insight) more than 5 years ago