Setting the Stage for General Conference 2016



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Holy Conferencing?

Holy conferencing is intended to move us closer to a holy God; not drive us away by using a back door to get past the clear meaning of Scripture forbidding homosexual activity. I hope I'm wrong, but this suggestion seems to be a way to get us to change our minds on homosexual activity?

Charles Whatley more than 5 years ago

Rule 44

I believe rule 44 sound great but the result will depend on how the composition of the people around the table is arrived at and who heads the table discussion. Give the challenge of the language from central conference delegates getting enough interpreter for each table will not be easy. small voices can be easily suppressed around the table.

Dr. Charles K. Murithi more than 5 years ago

Process Clarified

As chair of the Commission on General Conference, I have a couple of clarifications. First, while CT, Standing Committee on Central Conference Matters and the Commission have all worked on the idea of Christian Conferencing, Rule 44 is a product of the Commission and its Rules Committee. It isn't "also known as Christian Conferencing" - it is just an additional rule which would allow us to work on legislation in a different way. Christian Conferencing is the spirit that pervades all of our work -- worship, fellowship, legislation, etc. We really want to separate people's idea that Christian Conferencing is when we sit and talk to each other only. Also, although the Commission intends to request the use of Rule 44 for LGBTQ legislation at this General Conference, the rule is separate from any legislative topic. First we have to approve the rule, and THEN we request its use. This is important because if the conference ties it too closely with any legislative topic, then the rule might be defeated. This would be a shame. You are right that we have objections from both sides - this rule seems to threaten those who have the most entrenched positions.

Judi Kenaston more than 5 years ago

Rule 44

Any process that gets delegates talking with each other rather than at each other is a step in the right direction...and closer to the model used in early Methodism that aimed to evoke prayer, conversation, and consensus.

Steve Harper more than 5 years ago