The Necessary End of a One-Size-Fits-All #UMC



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1Corinthians 6:9-10 "Dont you realize that those who do wrong will not inherit the Kingdom of God? don't fool yourselves. Those who indulge in sexual sin, or worship idols or committ adultery, or are male prostitutes or practice homosexuality, or are thieves or greedy people ordrunkards or abusive or cheat people -- none of these will inherit the Kingdom of God." NLT
Yes we can be forgiven but we have denounce sin. Is practicing homosexuality a sin? Sure we can include but not put I position of preaching against sin. Methodist stop this nonsense. It is tearing our church in pieces. All are welcome but unless A person has the Holy Spirit can preach. If practicing sin, one doesnt have Holy Spirit- filled with Christ.

Nancy Bryant more than 5 years ago

Lie vs Truth

The LIE is that the church condemns the sinner, but the TRUTH is that the sinner believes the sin is more important than God.

David Parsons more than 5 years ago


To many of us, non-lgbq, to continue with a church that does harm to folks who are lgbq and our brothers and sisters in Christ is untenable and unconscionable. I wait to see if I can continue in the church I love.

Bea Readel more than 5 years ago

Diversity versus indifference

The reality is that in Africa there is widespread homophobia which results in legal persecution of L GBTQ people. It is so severe that General Conference isn't going there in 20024th out of a concern for safety. Such intolerance cannot be condoned under the innocuous label of diversity of opinion. Just because the homophobes are winning the battle in the UMC does not mean we should make the case for our continued presence as dissenters based on ignoring the harm they are causing is permissible in the name of cultural diversity. Homophobia and gay/trans bashing is not only wrong here it is wrong and worse in Africa. If Africa wants to be admitted to the global community it must step away from such intolerance or be regarded as a cultural backwater like Russia. Are we imposing western values upon the Africans? You betcha. If you want the benefits of Western civilization such as secular education, modern health care, technology, democratic institutions, etc then you can't hang unto inhumane beliefs and practices and customs based on ignorance. The equality of women, the protection of children, the ending of slavery, the accountability of political leadership and the ending of corruption and the protection of minorities are the requirements of western societies that must be accepted. In turn, western nations have much to repent of in regard to Africa, slavery, economic exploitation, gun trafficking, political corruption and more. Cultural diversity is not a blank check for perpetuating inhumanity.

Sarah Flynn more than 5 years ago


If women and children's lives had been decimated by men with AIDS here in the US in the numbers that they have been in Africa over the past 30 years, perhaps we would better understand their viewpoint. How is forcing our Western viewpoints on those people more tolerant than accepting that they may have valid reasons behind their feelings, just as LGBTQ people may have valid reasons behind THEIR feelings?

Karen Shoemaker more than 5 years ago