Use of 'Incompatible' Language on Fall UMC Court Docket



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Why the incompatible satement is in the Disicipline

Because in 1972, progressives started petitioning the church to approve same gender relationships and General Conference responded. And the reason same gender relationships are nowhere in the doctrinal standards is because this is the first time in 2000 years of Christianity that Christianity has tried to validate same gender relationships as being God-ordained.

Today the pastor talked about sometimes we get world weary. That was the moment that I decided the world is not making near as weary as a church that cannot get off the fence re this ridiculous no win argument that has its roots in the fact that collectively we have absolutely no belief in common about anything!!!!!!!

Betsy more than 4 years ago

about time!

It's about time this was all directly and forcefully addressed. Since when did the UMC allow hateful rhetoric?

If we want to fight immorality, these items should be in the Book of Discipline:

1. A statement censuring those UMC communities where child sexual abuse is unchecked and out of control (India, anyone?)

2. A statement censuring countries where promiscuity is rampant. (Like African communities, where married men sleep with prostitutes and then bring AIDS home to their wives.

3. How about human trafficking?

But, no, the UMC did not legislate against people who engage in such dangerous activities. Instead, they just pick on the gays. Obviously, this policy is about biggotry, not true concern.

Ben U more than 4 years ago