Young People Say UMC Moves Too Fast on Restructure

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Call to Action / the root of the thing!

Look beyond the $$$ saved and look at the root of this action! If we love God with all our hearts, mind and soul and our neighbor like our-self then tell the truth.

Robin Williams more than 9 years ago

Not a question of speed

The "radical" changes that are being presented at GC aren't a question of speed but of solution.(as in this is their solution) The Call to Action Report is correct when it says that we have a problem with leadership. Their Report is evidence of the problem. We need radical change in the UMC, we needed 45 years ago and every year since. Our merger was just another attempt to bandaid a deeper problem. The way our Episcopacy works is the most glaring of our problems. First our Bishops are the result of an electoral process which is driven by "recognition and popularity"(has this person served as a G.C. delegate, what does the resume say about them? Are they "connected") and politics( does this person exibit characteristics that fit the pervasive need for balance that we UMC's think we should look like to the world, i.e. are we ethnically and gender balanced enough to meet the proper perception by the world) Rarely are Bishop's elected because they have demonstrated a calling to the office and demonstrated effectiveness as an Institutional Administrator. Even if we had the most qualified person's in the Episcopacy the office itself is so mired in expectations and commitments that the best administrator wouldn't be able to effectively manage our Conferences', let alone do the work of the General Church. As frightening as it is we need deeper and more radical change in our Church. It needs to begin with the elimination of the Administration of the Episcopacy. If we cut this out of our budgets it would save us money and would cut through a felt distance between the GC and Local congregations. We will still need the sacred office of Bishop but their duties begin and end with the Ordination Process and relations to the Orders and should probably be filled as a part time position by an Elder going into retirement. Administration of Conference's would then fall to District level and in the short run appointments would go ahead like usual.

John Palmer more than 9 years ago