Another Congregation Joins in LGBTQ Support



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Fake News

Have you noticed how the Progressive news stories feature one church. They never mention that there are 43,000 Methodist congregations in the US. who are hanging in there. Also, Where are the pictures of pre-school and elementary kids in the group shots. You'll just see adoptees.

Rick Detjen more than 2 years ago

LGBT support

Because these 53 people know better than the millions of Methodists around the world who sent their delegates to GC 2019. By all means give them their 15 minutes. OK. Time's up.

Kevin more than 2 years ago

How Christian of you, Kevin

Might want to think about upping your game.

JR more than 2 years ago

-95 non sequitur

Occasionally there are some stupid comments here. This one wins the prize for this decade. The writer's blind hatred has led him down a blind alley.

George Nixon Shuler more than 2 years ago