Baldwin-Wallace University Votes to Disaffiliate from UMC



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Baldwin Wallace

The BWU statement raises an unintended question and consequence, which is NOT a criticism of this fine school or any individual. What does it mean to be 'affiliated' with the UMC? I checked the BWU superb website and found a single reference to Methodism in one comment about its history. Nothing in the strategic plan, mission, vision, core values, points of pride or traditions make any reference to Christianity, Methodism of Jesus. I had to use the search engine to find a link to the chapel and its weekly 30 minute noon worship-meal. There is a faith-based link under student organizations that happily include references to Hillel and Newman for Jewish and Catholic students, and the only references I could find on the website to Jesus, from campus presence through CRU and the FCA. As the denomination "retools" it would be helpful to unpack and renew what it means (beyond ancient historical reference of origin) to be a school 'affiliated' with the UMC. Northwestern, USC, Syracuse and Vanderbilt all officially disposed of the fiction of church affiliation years ago, which did not make them tools of Satan. The answer is not to impose a Bob Jones template and this not a call to sanctify stupidity or teach only 'Godly Geometry.' The church lacks the $ to merit a serious voice based on accountability or clout. Just overall food for thought.

bob more than 2 years ago