Defiance, Schism Talks Continue While Awaiting Top Court's Ruling



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All this talk about defying the decisions of GC 2019 makes it easier to discuss the proper way to split. I see there is much less talk about staying under the same big tent. Looks like we are turning away from the Unity idol and are actually going to face the details of separation. Who will be leaving and who gets the house in this divorce?

Kevin more than 2 years ago

Here is clear proof: Put a Fork in the UMC – It IS Done.

When the pastor of one of the largest and most influential UMC churches can make these statements with impunity, then the BoD is DOA and the UMC is Done and Done:
“University United Methodist Church in Austin, Texas, won’t adhere to the ban on LGBTQ weddings and punishments for clergy who perform these weddings., reported KXAN-TV. The Rev. John Elford, senior pastor of University United Methodist Church in Austin, Texas. The TV station quoted the Rev. John Elford, University UMC’s senior pastor: “We thought that the church was moving toward a direction of more openness and acceptance, instead what we are seeing is a church going backwards on that. We are going to live and minster in this congregation as if those discriminatory rules don’t exist anymore.”
Will the Judicial Council get this preacher ousted? Of course not! Would his flock want him ousted? Of course not – they’re all liberals. But, will traditionalists want to be under the same UMC banner and management as pastors and churches and judicial councils like this? Of course not!
Liberals thought that they had so infiltrated the UMC, that the homosexual issue could be moved easily with the OCP, the charade toward pure church legitimization of homosexual lifestyles. When that did not happen, Plan B: revolution. In all honesty, had the One Church charade won the vote, the traditionalists would be doing the same thing.
So, this week’s JD pow-wow is a ho-hum; Meaningless in every way. Get the knife, let’s start carvin’ this thing up!

Reese more than 2 years ago

more about Reese

More than a year ago Reese acknowledged in comments on this website that he had withdrawn all financial support of the UMC. So he's 'done.' But not quite!
Reese still stalks this website daily to unleash his vitriolic comments about "liberals" who "thought they had ... infiltrated the UMC..."
Now he just can't wait to witness what he imagines will be the final death throes of this denomination.
When he writes, "Get the knife..." it's obvious that he has his verbal knives well sharpened already.
What is so compelling about this story is how cynical, distraught, and deeply discombobulated all the Reeses in pieces are over our Methodist meltdown.
They just can't get enough of Cynthia's stories to add their comments that prove they were right all along and the Powers That Be were blowing bubbles over the failed One Church Plan.
If our 'Big Tent' is on fire, they are dancing for joy and fanning the flames with nasty comments about the failure of leadership and the "meaningless" meetings of the "JD" (translation: Reese probably meant "Judicial Council"--though in his incendiary fervor he failed to proofread his text!).
Stay tuned for another onslaught as soon as the JC's decisions are announced.

Wayne more than 2 years ago

Well, heck, we all grieve in our own way…

We have all had the pain of watching a friend or loved one slowly suffer from illness and even reach the point where we want the suffering to just stop. I have been watching my boyhood church slowly die for decades from the cancer of liberalism. My old church of my baptism, Boy Scouts, MYF, first kiss with a girl (MYF meeting), live manger scenes, Bible-based sermons and memorable covered dish suppers – my old church is dying, and I think, sadly, it is time.
We who believe in “resurrection” can believe that a new traditional Methodist church, by that or another name, can rise in its place; a traditional Methodist church where the morals and values of our forefathers are encouraged, and the secular worldly issues are checked at the door. I hope so. I would at least like to visit now and then…certainly on covered dish Sundays!
P.S. I think the "exit plan" surprisingly approved today will still need some work to avoid costly litigation. Keep workin', boys and girls!

Reese more than 2 years ago