Church Leaders Postpone General Conference 2020



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Ludicrous and Asinine: What Could Possibly Take TEN DAYS!?

“Like everything else in our lives, the General Conference will not meet. Stay healthy and we’ll get back to you…” That could have been the common sense, pontification-free announcement, but, oh no, Meth-management could not order breakfast without a labyrinth of pondered pontifications.
Yet, the most outrageous information in Ms. Hahn’s lengthy “Conference cancelled – will advise” article is the revelation that it was to last TEN DAYS! We’re talking about a denomination formed roughly 200 years ago to worship, celebrate and expand upon the life and teachings of one man who walked and taught 2,000 years ago. A denomination which is based entirely on one book, plus one organization manual. And so, most reverend hierarchy schedules TEN DAYS to work on new details? Seriously? Not that the big issues haven’t been discussed, debated, dissected, delineated, and disseminated ad nauseum over two generations, but gee whiz, what could possibly take TEN DAYS?
And what about the cost of TEN DAYS in Minneapolis? 1000 delegates, bishops and staff @ avg. $100 a day for TEN DAYS = ONE MILLION BUCKS! Double that to cover convention center rental, labor, airfare, decorations, AV, wi-fi, and, of course, truckloads of paper for the copy machines! Show me the money!
The homosexual issue might get the most press, but there is a plethora of reasons for humble people who just want to go to church to support reducing the overhead of the UMC… And many are voting early with their feet.

Reese more than 1 year ago

The Law is Spirit

Love the Lord with all your mind, soul, spirit and love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two hang al the law and the prophets. The quadrennial governing body was about to meet to divide themselves over the issue of whether LBGTQ folk should be allowed the same status within the UM church as other sinners (ones who sin in all manner of other ways, that is). Then George Floyd was murdered in Minneapolis on May 25th. Does God get a say in who the sinners really are? After 2000 years of 'practice Christianity'- are we ready to do the real work of Jesus followers? After all - he only asked us to do 2 things!

Tom Christenbury 209 days ago

J Wesley was big on CLEAN

and wisdom! He’d be proud!

Richard F Hicks more than 1 year ago