Key African Leader Calls for Split in UMC



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Rev Holland seems to think that 2/3 of US Methodists share his brand. There has never been a comprehensive survey that I have seen on that but the difference between the membership and our leadership on this question has been demonstrated. The Progressives have been very proactive in getting elected as delegates or serving on boards but to think they represent two thirds of US Methodists is delusional.

Kevin more than 2 years ago


For more than 20 years I've been saying that the hierarchy of the church was much more liberal than the people in the pews. I'm very concerned about how out of touch the "leadership" appears to be.

Virginia Berger more than 2 years ago

The progressive hypocrisy is astonishing!

Wow. Where was Mark Holland's equivalent concern when theological conservatives would have had to leave for conscience sake if the One Church Plan had passed? Does he have such a short memory that he doesn't remember his side actively fighting against amicable separation plans when he thought it was going to be the traditionalists who were forced out? When your side tells us to leave and knows that your actions would force us to leave, you think that's fine, but if someone suggests that perhaps it is you that should leave, suddenly you express full-on moral outrage!

Mark's organization chose to take off the gloves and showed their true colors at GC for all to see with their over-the-top anti-traditionalist rhetoric. Trying to feign that he holds any kind of "moral high ground" at this point fools no one. Attempting to twist this email, which is mostly just stating facts, into something nefarious is grasping at straws for his side.

Particularly if you choose to read the letter with the capitalized sections intended simply as bolded text, rather than through the American-centric lens that it implies shouting, there is little, if anything, to criticize in the letter. Even folks like Adam Hamilton are talking about possible amicable separation now, so why is it somehow nefarious for Mr. Kulah to suggest the same thing? Mark knows all of this of course, but generating faux outrage within his camp seems to outweigh any desire for reasoned dialogue.

Paul W. more than 2 years ago

A Traditionalist Viewpoint

Amen! The Progressive / Liberal leadership in every Mainline denomination follows the same path - organizing to change the various politys, proceeding by vilifying those who hold Traditional views. When Traditionalists attempt to leave, they are either held hostage or told "good riddance." The only problem is that what is left of those supposedly "progressive / liberal denominations" is a woeful shadow. Other than the UMC, many are below 2.0M members; all others are below 5.0M members.

Donald more than 1 year ago