Losing a Younger Generation over LGBTQ Rejection

Bishops Respond to Judicial Council Ruling



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losing a younger generation

The median age on the continent of Africa is 19.4, home to over 4 million UM members. Philippines median is 24, home of another growing expression of the church. Median age of an American UM is 57, with 9% under the age of 30. So if we are talking about the global church, it is fair to estimate that roughly 75-85% of millennials and younger who are members live outside the US. If the statistics are reflecting the longing for the creation of an "America First" Methodist Church that will make America great again, with the beliefs and convictions of younger adults from places that don't speak English discounted, the article makes sense as written.

Bob more than 2 years ago

Where the young worship

You believe that we will lose all of our young people if we do not embrace LGBT's. However statistics prove you wrong. The denomination with the lowest average age and the most diverse population is the Assembly of God. They absolutely stand for traditional marriage. Go to any evangelical independent church (who overwhelmingly stand against gay marriage/ordination) and they are packed with young adults and Gen-X who are missing from most of our church. Finally look at the attendance figures of the five mainline churches that have adopted the progressive stance. They are losing members far more rapidly than we are. PCUSA will be done in 20 to 30 years and yet PCA is growing rapidly (their split happened in 1973 so it is not a shift from one group to the other as a result of the split). Rhetoric sounds nice, statistics tell the truth!

Scott more than 2 years ago

Losing Older Generations over LGBTQ Validation

We of older generations, of a conservative bent, tend to believe that right vs wrong is constant, not open to change because of the deterioration of morality in the general population. So, churches who have acquiesced to the “modern”, “trendy”, or (I love this one) “intellectual” relaxation of rules, morals and traditions have lost members. UMC has lost many.
UMC bishops and judicial leaders have quietly ignored the BOD rules on homosexuality for decades. As a result, the ranks of homosexual clergy, seminary profs, and other “leadership” have swelled to the point of such numbers that the Judicial Council felt emboldened, or compelled, to make the grand stand of homosexual validation: a lesbian bishop – and, “in good standing”, no less! Well, that should have greased the skids whereby the bishops should have been able to make the “One Church” whatever-you-want, long a reality, validated and accepted as the UMC norm.
Uh-oh! It was thought that the poor African brothers and sisters would abandon their moral standards in fear of losing the supporting money from America. But, Africa didn’t fold! They held their moral ground. Much the same, as many of us of older generations who are holding ours. We have still not folded to abortion, and we are generally uncomfortable with the legalization of marijuana, and we will not have our church used to validate lifestyles which our mommas, our old church and common sense told us were wrong.

Reese more than 2 years ago

Deterioration of Morality, again?

C'mon, Reese - that's been the story since at least the 50's.

I saw a report the other day that the 'older generations' had much higher incident rate of infidelity than the Millennials do. Statistically.


JR more than 2 years ago

Stats show 40% of millennials still live at home

Being in bed at your mommy's would certainly cut down on infidelity. By definition, when not married, a person is never infidel. And, if that person has no job, he would have few dates; its been a longtime, but as I remember, it takes dinner, movies, flowers and a little rock n' roll - all take money.

Reese more than 2 years ago

The 1950s were a work of fiction

No Moms vacuumed in high heels and pearls. And every bathroom contained a toilet. Joseph McCarthy went after imagined communists and homosexuals to fool the rubs and get in office so he could steal, and they confounded the easily persuaded that both the commonists and homer-sekshuls pose a menace. It was not a good time and the values presented by misleading television programs were false and destructive.

George Nixon Shuler more than 2 years ago

Actually, we had no TV 'til maybe 58. Moral values came from church, family

Sometimes liberals get confused that we of conservative bent are just followers. Rush listeners, for example, are thought to be brain-fried zombies of his when, actually, he filled the need for a loud voice for many conservatives. He said what we were thinking. TV might have had an impact on some people, but I think my parents, old Methodist church, Little League, public schools and coaches, neighbors, Boy Scouts, personal life experiences and Navy service have had much more to do with building my values. In my case, TV I enjoyed most conformed to who I was, but did not influence who I became. O.K., I'll admit that Hee-Haw shaped my sense of humor, but Goldie Hawn on Laugh-In kept my interest in girls maxed! Guilty-as-charged!

Reese more than 2 years ago


Kudos to these brave young people! Perhaps there is hope, yet.

Ben U more than 2 years ago

Nothing to see here

Just a story of secularists indoctrinatting another generation of secularists. Nothing to see here people. Move along.

Steve more than 2 years ago

Reductionist thinking

Right nothing to worry about. Keep whistling Dixie.

George Demetrion more than 2 years ago


So, Steve, what do you do about someone like me, an intersex person? My very existence proves humans are non-binary and validates the GLBT paradigm.

B more than 2 years ago