Desert Southwest Leaders Urge Paying Apportionments



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No Apportionment!

No self-respecting GLBT person should tithe or donate any money whatsoever to the UMC. Congregations that support GLBT people should refuse to pay their apportionments.

Money talks.

Ben U more than 2 years ago

Let's make ALL apportionments voluntary

Progressives could support the Bishops, General Board of Church and Society and the rest of the liberal agencies, and seminaries like Illiff and Claremont. Traditionalists would support the African church, United Theological Seminary, and the few remaining traditional US Bishops, and both would support UMCOR

Mike more than 2 years ago

Interesting consideration

We'd need line items for all the pieces, including health insurance for pastors, pensions, new church plants, etc.

There's a lot that goes into an apportionment.

There was a similar idea about 15 years ago with federal taxes - line item out (at least at the macro level) where you wanted your taxes to go.

JR more than 2 years ago