North Carolina Church’s Pledge to Welcome All Excites Local Media



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Waynesville First

I’ve suggested just walking off. WF just did that. As has every rainbow UMC annual conference seminary and jurisdiction as well as Adam Hamilton and Bob Long. They all walked away from The Discipline and nothing negative happened to them or will happen to them. For the elites and the LGBTQQII folks laws do not apply.

The disregard for the rule of law and the current lawlessness is enough to drive people away

And I suggest that disgusted law abiding people like me cut off the money then emotionally leave then physically leave if you become bitter

Jesus sent them OUT two by two. He didn’t form a congregation of butt kissers

At the Transfiguration our Lord forbade the building of structures.

Go and do likewise

Richard F Hicks more than 2 years ago

church invites same-sex couples to be wed

The Mountaineer further reported:

"The recent decision by the Waynesville First United Methodist Church opposing discrimination is more than symbolic.

"If a same-sex couple should come to the church and ask to be married, the Rev. Keith Turman said the church would do its best to help that happen.

“'We examined the issue and concluded we are fully inclusive. If we mean that, which we do, we don’t want that decision to be hollow,' he said.

"Under church rules, ministers who disregard the UMC Book of Discipline by marrying a same-sex couple will be suspended without pay for a year for the first offense, and for the second offense, a minister can lose his or her credentials.

"Turman said that penalty won’t prevent him from following his conscience and the determination of the church members.

“'If you are a gay person and want to be married in this church, we will figure it out,' Turman said. 'As a denomination, the decision has been made.'

"The church won’t be acting in a vacuum, however. Turman said church leaders will confer with the district superintendent and the bishop of the Western NC Annual Conference."

Wayne more than 2 years ago